The biggest KILLER of success in Network Marketing!

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Sunday, October 7, 2018 Under: Personal Development
To identify the biggest killer of success in network marketings, let's first think what do we need for success. For success in network marketing we need to be constantly performing Income Producing Activity which is either talking to people who can say yes and join our business or say yes and buy our product, that is the only time when we are going to make money in this business.

So what could stop people from talking to people about their business and products? Most of the people in network marketing would reply - "fear of rejection" or "fear of failure". Now lets think about it for a second, when would you feel the rejection or failure. The only time you would feel it is when you have an expectation that you will be accepted, that your business or product offer will be taken, that you will be liked and loved and so on. That means you can ONLY feel rejected or failure IF you become addicted to the outcome - and this is our main killer of success.

ATO or addiction to the outcome will do more damage in network marketing than anything else. You see if I have no addiction to the outcome, if I don't care if the person I am about to offer my business opportunity or products will say yes or no, then I have no fear of rejection and I will not feel that I have failed if they say no. Instead I become addicted to the ACTIVITY. I set myself a goal to approach so many people every day no matter what their answer is, because I know that the law of averages will work, if I approach enough people about my business opportunity or product I will get some people who will say yes.

What we need to do is instead of focusing on our EXPECTATIONS to focus on APPRECIATION. Instead of being upset with our friend saying NO after watching our business opportunity video we should be grateful that they have spent time watching it in this day and age when everyone is so busy and the life is flying at the speed of light. Instead of COMPARING ourselves against other people who have achieved more, earn more, have nicer car or house, have reached higher level and so on, what we should do is admire them, bless them, thank them for being a role model for us and showing us what is possible.

Here is a video where I go more in depth into this topic with a couple of great examples:

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