The BIGGEST challenge in business

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Today, very important topic; the biggest challenge in business. Now, if you're going to do business, there's going to be a lot of different challenges, there's like loads because your job as a business person is to deal with challenges, as a business person, you're a problem solver. You’re going to be dealing with challenges and problems on a daily basis. If you're the person who hates challenges, don't get into business, trust me just get a job for six pounds an hour at McDonald's, wear the hat and say yay McDonald's, you'll have an easy life. If you want to become a successful business person, you're going to be dealing with a lot of challenges and it's okay because the bigger the challenge, the more money you make.

But today I wanted to discuss the one that I believe is the biggest one of all and it will stop most people in business and you know what, that biggest challenge is, it’s PATIENCE. Most people are not patient enough to succeed in business. They think that they are not talented enough; they're not smart enough, they’re not beautiful enough, they're not confident enough, they think that, not true. They could have succeeded but they were just not patient enough.

Let me give you a few examples. One of my mentors you know a guy that I really follow and you keep hearing me saying his name but his an amazing guy and I learn a lot from he is Ray Higdon. When Ray first started seriously, building his network marketing business he went for 20 NO’s a day. So you know, to get at least 20 people say, “Hey, I’m not interested,” or “Hey, I took a look at your business and it’s not for me.” He had to get 20 NO’s a day and he did one to two videos a day. At that time, there was no Facebook Live so he would put it on YouTube and then stick it on his blog. It took him six months to get the first person to reach out to him saying, “Hey, I watched your video on YouTube. I want to join your team.” For six months he did a video every single day with zero results, nothing. That's 180 videos. Six months with zero result because he knew, it will come, it will come one day. Because he was a business minded person, because he knew it is going to happen. But guess what? Most people do three videos and go, “Oh nobody's joining my business. That's not working. I'm not doing that anymore,” because they don't have patience to keep going even when you don't see the results. Our mentor in our team in our business, she’s earning huge income nowadays, but the first month when she first got started in business, she earned £30 and she spent about £200 on train tickets that month. Her husband said, “Do business but do it on your own money.” She could have said “this is not working. I quit.” But she knew if only I keep going, the money will come and it did, and big money, huge money.

Another story I really like again, I heard it from Ray was of a lady, I don't even remember her name, she was in network marketing for 17 years and in 17 years, she earned $3,000. Not like every single month, in the whole of 17 years she earned $3,000 which means she was probably minus like $10,000 because you buy products every single month, you go to conferences and events and trainings, you spend on books and things like that. She was probably down like 10 grand. After 17 years making only $3,000 she became a million dollar earner. Now she makes more than a million dollars a year. Was it worth it? Absolutely! I used to work as a teaching assistant in a school. I could have worked in that school for 17 years. There was no way they would pay me a million dollars after 17 years. You get what I'm saying. But imagine if she quit 16 years in, she could have said, “Network marketing wasted 16 years of my life, didn't make any money.” But she kept going. She kept doing whatever she had to do. And then she became a million dollar earner. What a story because she had patience. 

Too many people, they look for instant gratification. They want to make the money right away. They want to get the car right away. They want to get the status right away. They want to get the respect of other people right away. They want to get people messaging them and joining the team right away. Doesn't work like that. You have to have patience and keep going. And sometimes you're doing the actions, you start doing all the stuff that you’re supposed to do, you do the actions every single day and you don't see the result and you start doubting yourself, you start questioning yourself, “Oh my gosh, am I wasting my time? Am I doing all of this action for nothing. I'm not getting any results. Maybe I should stop doing it.” That's the worst thing you can do because the game is not over until you win. The game is not over until you win. And guess what? You are the only person who makes the decision when to stop the game. 

So you can make a decision not to give up until you have the results, until you win, it not over until I win, keep saying that to yourself. But if you quit, that’s the only way how you can lose and how you can fail in network marketing. The only way to fail in network marketing is to quit because then for sure, that's it, you ended it. There's no way for you to become successful. But if you keep going, if you keep doing the actions you will become successful. But hey, there's a difference there's a distinction here; you have to catch it because too many people don't. You know, because your sponsor just keep saying, “Just don't quit. If you don't quit, one day, you'll become successful.” No you won’t, if you don't do the actions every single day. If you don't do the work every single day, then you can be in this industry for 50 years, you're still not going to succeed. You're still not going to make the money. So just not quitting is not good enough. You have to do the action and keep going and keep sticking to it. That's the idea. 

So the biggest challenge in the business is patience. Are you patient enough to succeed? Are you patient enough to build your empire? Are you patient enough to do what it takes and for long enough in order for the results to come? Most of you have seen that little picture on Facebook of a guy digging for diamonds and he turns around and he's walking away when it's like very little left to the diamonds. We all see that we go, “Ah, yeah, yeah.” But then we do exactly the same thing we go, “Ah, I did it for three days. It's not working. I quit.” It's just insane. But most people don't have the patience to become successful in business because they start doing something, they speak to three people and they go, “Ah, nobody joined, nobody bought my product. That's it. I give up.” It's stupid. It's dumb. But it's just the way I think, especially our generation, that's the way we've been conditioned. You know, everything is instant, you get used to McDonald's and you go boom, straight away. You get your food, right. Like, you go to a normal restaurant, you go to a proper restaurant, and you have to wait for half an hour for your food. You're just like, “Oh my gosh, this is insane. This is crazy. I'm going to write a complaint, it's taking too long.” No, it isn't. They're actually making the food they haven't just taken it out from a microwave, but we are the generation that expects everything instantly. We're the generation that don’t want to wait for anything. You want everything right away that's why the Netflix does the whole season straight away. You get all the episodes in one go because nobody can wait anymore, a week for the next episode.

So when you come to business with that mentality, you're already starting from a down position because your expectations are unrealistic. You see somebody at the end of the journey and you start comparing yourself to them. You go, “Oh, my gosh, that person is making 10,000 a month why am I not making that?” because you just started because you haven't even given it a chance and you already want to make that type of money that that  person who's been in here for years is making.

That's my message for today; if anything start developing patience, I understand, I know it's tough. I know it's challenging when you're doing something and you're not seeing results. But just keep telling yourself “if I just keep to it, if I keep doing the actions every single day, the result will come, the next leader will join my team, the next superstar will appear in my team but I just need to keep going in spite and until despite all the challenges, despite all the problems, despite not getting results, I need to continue and I need to continue until I get the results, until I find that leader, until I get the breakthrough.”

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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