The 8 things NOT to do on Facebook if you don't want to be blocked!

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Monday, October 15, 2018 Under: Personal Development
Most people are very forgiving when it comes to your social media posts, but there are few things that can get people really annoyed and you might end up being unfriended or even blocked by them if you do them. 

1. Vague booking - it really upsets people on social media when you post something like "I am so sad", tell people why you are sad or happy, so that they can relate and understand what is going on.

2. Humblebrag - don't be one of those people who always find a way how to brag pretending that something is wrong, like "Oh I just scratched my Rolex watch, does anyone know where I could get it fixed" or "Oh it's so hard to find a parking space for my Ferrari".

3. Political (or other) activism - they say there is two things you cannot discus with people: politics and religion, because people have very different views and you will not going to change their opinion. So best is to stay away from those topics on your social media if you don't want to alienate big part of your audience.

4. Excessive use of tagging - don't be one of those people who tags a 100 people on their post, it is super rude and people will block you for that. Only tag people in your picture or video if they are in it.

5. Excessive use of group messaging - don't add people to a group message unless they have given you their permission or it becomes spam and people will unfriend and block you for that.

6. Excessive use of chain messages - who are these people who keep sending a message and then saying "pass this to 50 people or you will die tomorrow". It is super annoying and will get people cross with you.

7. Inbox your live video - look we get it, you are proud of your live videos but do not private message people with your live video link unless they have asked for it because it just becomes spamming.

8. Repetition vs Consistency -  consistency is super important in network marketing, whatever you do you have to stick to it and stay consistent with it, but don't get repetitive with your posts on social media. Don't go posting every 5 minutes about the same thing because people will unfollow you.

Here is video part 1 and 2 on this topic:

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