The 7 levels of WHY

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Thursday, November 19, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about the seven levels of why.

Very often when you talk to your potential business partner, of course, you should ask them, “Hey, why do you want to do this thing? Why are you looking for an extra income right now? Why are you looking to build your home based business?”

But very often the first answer they will give you, it's a superficial answer, which means it's near the surface. It's not really a deep reason; not really, their dream and ambition, they just going to give you something that they expect you want to hear. You ask them, “Why do you want to build this business?” And they'll say, “Well, to make some extra income.” It's an easy answer. It's not very personal. But most people will go, “Okay, cool. Let's sign you up.”

But that's really not the real reason. And if you really want to make a connection with your new business partner, if you really want to understand them and get them, you have to dig deeper, and if you're doing some coaching with somebody, it's always the main reasons are much deeper, that's why there's a thing called seven levels of why; where you go, “Well, why do you want to build this home based business?” And they go, “Well, to make some extra income.” And you go, “Well, why do you need extra income?” “Well, because I want to maybe travel more.” “Well, why do you want to travel more?” “Well, because when I was little, when I was a kid, we were very poor, and we didn't get to travel.” “Okay, so why is that important to you?” And you keep digging deeper, until like, 3, 4, 5, 6 levels down you’ll hear the deeper reasons, where maybe they want to make a better life for their kids, maybe they want to prove something to somebody; you get to the real core reasons of that person. And when you really dig deep, you actually get to know that person much better.

Now, you don't just have that superficial reason, “Oh, I want to make some extra income, oh my new team member wants to make some extra income.” No, you go a lot deeper to where you understand how this person thinks, what motivates this person, what drives this person that is so much more powerful. Try next time you recruit somebody in your business, ask them this few more times and it's comfortable to go, why, and dig deeper to find out the real reasons why they want to do your business. You'll see you'll learn some very interesting things about your prospects.

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