3 levels of commitment

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Monday, November 5, 2018 Under: Personal Development
When it comes to commitment there are three levels:

1. "I will try it"

This is the worst level of commitment, but unfortunately a lot of people are at this level. They look at the home based business opportunity they say "Ok I will try it". For me that means "I will quit but I just don't know when". Obviously, people who become successful in business do not have this level of commitment.

2. "I will do my best"

This is a much better level of commitment. At this level the persona will at least going to do their best. Unfortunately, what most people think their best is - is not even close to their full potential. Very few people really push themselves to their true limits. 

3. "I will do whatever it takes"

This is the best level of commitment. Because at this level of commitment the person is saying I will do everything that needs to be done even if right now I don't know how to do it. People with this level of commitment are the ones who succeed in life most often in life. 

What commitment level are you on?

Here is a video where I go into more detail:

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