Stop checking your GAGES every 5 minutes

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Tuesday, December 24, 2019 Under: Personal Development

Today I wanted to ask you, are you checking your gauges every five minutes? What does that mean?

Well, it's a big mistake that a lot of network marketers make. They start building their business and they check the results every five minutes. So it seemed like if you went to the gym, and after every workout, you'd be measuring your hands and you would be measuring your legs, you wouldn't see that much change, that will just only demotivate you if anything. So you have to give it a little bit of time before you start checking the results, before you start looking at, “Oh, so what's happening?”

It's like a lot of network marketers, they start in the right way, they start moving and they start shaking and they start doing the business, but then they keep checking, “Oh, but there's no result, but there's no result, but nobody joined, but nobody bought.” And they quit too early because they keep checking those gauges like, “Why is it not happening? Why am I not making the money?”Because it takes some time, you have to be a little bit patient. You can't come in a home based business with an employee mentality where as soon as I've done the work, I get paid. As soon as I've done the work, I get paid. It doesn't work like that in network marketing.

In network marketing, at the beginning, you do a lot of things that you don't get paid for and then later, you get paid for a lot of things that you don't do. So in a business, it takes time for the business to get going to get rolling, but then once it gets going, then you start being paid without actually doing much of the work. So you have to understand that and have to stop checking those results. Focus on activity, not on results. So just be focused on activity, doing the activity every single day and its okay to have a day of low activity, but you should never have days of no activity.

So you should always do at least something towards your business. Maybe send one message, maybe speak to one person, maybe do a video or whatever it is that you do, but stop checking those gauges, stop checking those results, stop measuring those biceps after every single workout, give it some time. Give it some time. Don't keep doing that.
 So that's really my message for today.

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