Stop being reasonable, if you want to succeed

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Sunday, February 23, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to share with you a thought and idea that hopefully will help you, something that I've observed over the time by looking at successful people, by looking at people who create big results is that they're not reasonable.

Most people don't become successful, not because they set themselves huge goals and fail to achieve them, but because they set too small goals and they achieve them all the time. But because the goals are so small, they're not changing their lives. And when I look at successful people, when I look at people who have huge results in business, who achieved a lot in arts, in personal development, etcetera, these are the people who are a little bit crazy. These are the people who are a little bit nuts.

Like, they don't need to plan for three years in advance before taking action. They see an opportunity and they jump for it. They see a person that can have a chat and they go for it, whereas most of us, the reasonable people will say, “Oh, I didn't prepare for that. I wasn't planning to speak to this person. So no, no, no, I'm not going to speak to that person.”

So when I look at successful people, one thing that I observed that they're not reasonable, they don't play the reasonable game. They don't go like, “Oh, would this be too crazy? Would this be too challenging?” No, they just go for it. They just seize the moment carpal dm and that's why they get those results very often while the rest of the population are watching it happen.

They say when it comes to success, there are people who make it happen, there are people who watch it happen and there are people who say, “What happened?” So successful people are the ones who make it happen but 95% of the population are the ones who watch it happen. So they watch the SIR Alan sugars, they watch the Tony Robbins, they watch the Richard Branson's, they watch the Steve Jobs and Bill Gates’ and the Warren Buffett's and they say, “Wow, isn't it amazing that that person is so successful? Isn't it amazing that that person is so wealthy? Is it an amazing that that person has built these huge empires?”

Well, why not you? Why that couldn't be you? Because you’re being reasonable, because you’re thinking what would other people say, because you’re thinking how would I look if I did that, I don't want to be crazy, I don't want to stand out from the crowd, I don't want to be the odd one. Well, then you'll be like everybody else, you'll be like the rest of the world, broke. So if you want to become successful, if you want to break out of that mold, then be okay to be unreasonable, be okay to be the odd one out because that's what it takes sometimes.

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