Stop behaving like a CONSUMER and start behaving as a MARKETER

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Sunday, February 23, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about the difference between being a consumer and being a marketer. So the topic today is stop behaving like a consumer and start behaving as a marketer.

Most people that I see in network marketing, they're behaving like a consumer, so they’re just watching TV to watch TV, they're browsing the internet just to browse the internet, and they are oblivious of all the information they could use in their own business.

So what I want to encourage you to do is stop being a consumer and stop just watching everything just to watch for the sake of watching, but start looking and paying attention. What are these companies doing? What are these people are doing? Like, for example, you go on your Facebook and as you start scrolling down, guess what? Every three posts, you see an ad, every three posts or every couple of posts, you actually see an ad.

Somebody is paying money to run this ad and stick it in front of you, most of you are just scrolling past it or maybe you click on it and have a look. “Oh, what is he selling? Let me buy something.” But you're not thinking as a marketer. What you should be doing is scrolling through your Facebook, and when you see the ads, you should be asking yourself, “Hey, what can I learn from this ad?” Because if somebody's spending money to put that ad in front of you, and if you see there's loads of likes and comments, there's loads of shares and everything, it means it's working.

Ask yourself, what can I learn from it? Maybe I could use that headline, maybe I could use a picture like that, to sell what I sell, to invite people to what I'm inviting people to. Next time, you're looking at a magazine, don't just look at it as a magazine and go, “Oh, let me skim through the pages.” Look at it as a marketer, look at the headlines they're using, because the headlines is what sells that magazine when it's in the shop, somebody sees the headline, they go, “Oh, I want to learn about that.”

Again, start being a marketer. Look at that and go, “Oh, could I use that headline, how to something without something?” These are the headlines, how to lose fat without you know dieting, or how to lose weight without starving yourself, pay attention to those things, book titles, people spend a fortune to get a good book title and things like that.

Start paying attention, if you’re flipping through a newspaper, look at the ads. Look at how they worded the advertisements, how they put the headlines, how they put the pictures, stop just being a consumer and start becoming a marketer and using the information, because look at what companies like Amazon do. Look what companies that are very successful, what do they do? What sort of emails do they send you? What sort of offers do they present you with? What sort of information do they advertise? Think about those companies are multimillion and some of them billion dollar or pound companies and if they putting that ad in front of you, they probably spent thousands or 10s of thousands or maybe even hundreds of thousands to develop that ad.

Use your brain and think what can I learn from the successful company, because they wouldn't be a billion dollar company, if whatever they did wasn't successful. So if they send you an email, don't just be a consumer and go, “Oh, what can I buy?” How do they word this email? What headline did they use to send this email? How do they lay it out? How can I take some of this information and use it in my business? How can I use some of this information to promote my products? How can I use some of this information to promote my business? Stop being oblivious to that and stop being vigilant. See, oh, how can I use some of that? How can I apply this in my business? What can I learn from this company?

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