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Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Monday, January 27, 2020 Under: Personal Development

This is a very quick tip but it's a very effective tip; how to get people to instantly like you. What is the secret tip or secret tool for you to get everybody to instantly like you?

If you are a network marketer, home based business owner, you're constantly reaching out to new people and you want people to buy your products, join your business, it would help if those people liked you. How do you get people to like you so that they want to talk to you, they want to listen to you. And that tip successful people do it, either they know it or not they do it automatically all the time and that secret tip is compliment the person. Always start with a compliment, you want to pitch somebody your business, products, you want to ask somebody if they would be open to take a look at your business opportunity whether you are speaking to the person face to face, online does not matter.

The first thing you should do is compliment that person. I've never met a person who doesn't like a compliment, everybody likes compliments so when you compliment somebody straightaway the barrier goes down, the person starts liking you because who doesn't like to be complimented, you want to make sure that the compliment is genuine, try and find something genuine to compliment this person, it may be their appearance, comments, demeanor, attitude, how they gave you service it may be a million things.

You can find a multitude of things to that you can complement a person on whether they are sharp dresser or really smart or punctual or whatever but everybody loves the compliment. If you start with a compliment, people will be a lot more likely to listen to you because if you start with what you want to sell to them or how you want to them to join your business they might not be so open to listen to you but if you start with a compliment, the person might let me listen to what this person has to say because they already started with good things and it works all the time.

I’ve observed some of the top leaders do it without even thinking about it. They are always complimenting people, even not just prospects even your team members, business associates, colleagues you came to work in the morning, you saw your colleague start with a compliment. You will see how people will melt in front of you and people will like you. They won’t know why they like you because you are giving them compliments. Everybody loves compliments and you can even turn a compliment into a reason why you reached out to them.

Let's assume you want to recruit this person into your business, you might say, “Well, Herman you’ve been so successful with different businesses. I just came across an opportunity that I think you would absolutely kill because you have been so successful, I think you would absolutely smash it in our company, you would be so successful.” That's a compliment you saying to this person, you have been very successful in the past very good and now you are transitioning that into saying and by the way because of that I think you could absolutely smash it. Or you could reach out to a lady let's say you dealing with cosmetics and beauty products.

So you might reach out to someone and say how amazingly beautiful makeup you always put I don't know, if you're a makeup artist or something like that. I always see that your makeup is so pristine, you look really fashionable and because of that I wanted to reach out to you because we actually market really good high quality cosmetics that I would love for you to try out and give me your opinion if it's good or not because I can see clearly that you understand a lot about cosmetics and makeup. It’s a compliment that you transition into actually a person taking a look at your business or your products.

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