SOLUTION to many questions in Network Marketing

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Monday, February 24, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to give you a solution to very, very, very many questions in network marketing. So today's topic is a solution to very many network marketing questions.

For example, if a team member comes to you, or if you have this question, you say, “Well what if I speak to somebody and they are against network marketing? What if I speak to somebody and they don't join my business? Well, what if I send a message to somebody and they don't respond to me? What if I send a video to somebody and they didn't like the video?” To all of these question, there is one solution. Go talk to more people. Go talk to more people.

That's the universal solution to very many of your problems in network marketing. You see what unsuccessful people in network marketing do, they focus on the problem. What successful people do, they focus on the solution. So you may focus on somebody and say, “Well, my brother in law, every time I come to talk to him about network marketing, he sprinkles holy water, he puts crucifix on the window. He wears garlic around his neck and all of that. He tells me that I'm going to go to hell because I'm advertising a scam. How do I convince him to join my business?”

You don't. You go and talk to more people. That's what you do. “Well, I sent this person 55 messages and they don't respond to me, what do I do? How do I make them respond?” You don't. You send more messages to other people. Don't focus on the problem, focus on the solution. What can solve that problem? Speaking to all people will solve almost all the problems you will have in network marketing business, because guess what, when you speak to more people, there's a chance that somebody will say, yes, when you speak to more people, there's a chance that you'll find somebody who is open to network marketing.

That is the key guys. Don't focus on the result, on this one person joining my business, I have to get this one person in my business. Instead, focus on the activity. I have to send this many messages every day, I have to make this many calls every day, I have to speak to so many people on the street every day as I'm going around my daily business. That’s activity, you can control that. You can't control the result, you can't control who's going to respond to your message, you can't control who's going to join your business, you can't control who's going to buy your products, but you can control the activity. So focus on it.

And whenever you have a question, think, would go speak to more people answer that question. So that will save you time calling your sponsor as well. I bet your sponsor will thank me too. They’ll maybe send me some flowers or some sweets for saving them time. Go speak to more people.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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