Should you use more than one social media platform for business?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Thursday, January 23, 2020 Under: Personal Development

Should you use more than one platform?

Absolutely. However, not all in one go. What do I mean by that? If right now, you not particularly active in any social media platform, then I wouldn't recommend you start doing all of them at once because I've seen people go, “Yeah, I'm on LinkedIn. Like the last time I posted was three months ago, but yeah, I'm on LinkedIn. Oh, yeah, I'm on Twitter, too and I'm on Instagram, and I'm on.” Hey, come on. What I would recommend you to do is get really, really good on one platform, preferably the one you like already.

So for example, if you're on Facebook, and you're like Facebook, then get really good on Facebook, with doing your lives, doing your stories, posting things, get a schedule, get into a routine where just randomly posting whenever you feel like it, but you have some sort of a daily plan, where you're posting on purpose. Get into a rhythm into a routine into where you're consistently posting with one social media platform, then sure, if you feel like exploring and going to another platform and adding that to what you're already doing, awesome, but don't start jumping, like “Oh, yeah, I'm doing Facebook, oh, there's a new thing.” Leave Facebook, go to that thing. And then that do that, “Oh, there's a new thing.” Leave that, go-- because that's not how you build a large audience.

That's not how you build a large following. That's not how you get a lot of prospects reaching out to you, you get that by being consistent, you get that by really focusing on that one platform, right. So what I would recommend, if you like Instagram, more than Facebook, cool, go on rock, Instagram, and really focused on that and really get good at that. Then you can go to Snapchat, and then you can go to whatever else is going to appear or is already out there. You know what I mean? But get really good at one, then go to the next one. If you feel like it, if you feel that you have enough time to do another one another one, you know what I mean?

But get really, really consistent, and an absolute sort of a plan, have a DMO Daily Method of Operation of what things you want to do on your social media, right or maybe it's a weekly plan, how many sales force I want to do, how many product posts I want to do, how many lifestyle posts I want to do and things like that and think about you know, what am I going to post tomorrow whatever because this way I don't know about you, but it helps me because then I don't feel like I need to post something and I don't know what to post you know what I mean?

Like it especially helps me with my Facebook Lives before I used to just do my Facebook Lives like just sort of tried to think of the topic on the go and it was really hard because some days I would just like “Oh my gosh, I need to do a video I don't know what to talk about.”And it would be hard. But now what I do I plan topics in advance.

So as soon as I have time to do my Facebook Live, I don't need to go oh my gosh, what am I going to talk about today I just over I've got a notes on my phone and I just keep putting ideas into those notes of what I could talk about so then as soon as I have a chance to do a video I just go into my notes and off I go you know what I mean? So plan in advance say what you can plan for your social media posts like what pictures I'm going to post this week, what videos I'm going to do, what I'm going to post in the groups and so on and so on so on. This way you'll get much better results.

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