Should You Expect Gratitude?

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I want to talk about gratefulness and gratitude. So very often you'll find if you are a person who helps other people, who supports other people, who helps people in trouble and things like that, you'll find that not everybody remembers when you helped them, not everybody is grateful for what you done for them.

One of the things that happens is if you helped other people, if you supported other people and then sometime later, they're not grateful, they don't appreciate the fact that you helped them in the past, they don't even remember that you helped them in the past, you might get upset by that, you might get annoyed by that and go “Oh my gosh, I did so much for this person and now they being you no complete asshole to me and things like that, how dare they?" And there are few things with that.

Number one,disappointment is always pre planned. So you cannot be disappointed, unless you plan to be disappointed. Now, I know it sounds crazy but what do I mean by that? What I mean by that, if you help other people, if you support other people, and then you expect them to be grateful for that, then you are setting yourself up for disappointment because of your expectations. Right? If you expect something that means you’re setting up yourself for failure, because if I expect you to do this or that and you don't do that, then I’m upset but the only reason why I'm upset is not because you did or didn't do something. It's because I expected you to do something, I expected you to behave in a certain way you understand what I'm saying? So you can only be upset you can only be disappointed.

Almost all the time in your life is if you expect something. You go to a restaurant and they take extra long to make your food and now you’re upset but you're not upset because they taking extra-long, you’re upset because you expected them to be quicker. You know what I mean? So Tony Robbins says,
Replace Expectations for Appreciation. So instead of expecting for things to be in certain way, just appreciate the way the things are.

Okay, so that's the one right, but coming back to the fact that if you've helped people, and they're not appreciative, they not being grateful for the stuff you've done for them. You might come to a wrong conclusion. You might draw a wrong conclusion, saying you know what there wasn’t a point of helping people, what’s the point of doing good things for other people, what’s the point of supporting people, if I’ve supported this person and they didn’t appreciate it. If I helped this person and they weren’t grateful to me. So what’s the point to help anybody? What’s the point of supporting anybody? And that’s a wrong conclusion because should you help other people? Absolutely. Should you support other people? Definitely. Should you be good to other people? For sure! 100%.

However, there is something you have to understand that even though sometimes you’ll help somebody, you’ll support somebody, you will do great things for somebody and that particular person, is not going to be grateful, is not going to be appreciative, they will even forget that you helped them and maybe even do some horrible things to you later down the line. It doesn’t mean that it was all wasted, it doesn’t mean that it was all for nothing. Why, because God and the Universe, has a way of returning it to you anyway. But sometimes, you’ll help this person and they are complete “A” hole and they will never appreciate it.

But you will get the return not from that person it will come from somebody else. You get what I’m saying? So the universe and God will bless you with other people in your life who will support you, who will help you, who will change your life, and even though you didn’t do anything to them, by the person that you were, by the fact that you were helping other people, by the fact that you supported other people, you became a person who attracted those that support you, those that help you, those that invest in you, those that become life changing people in your life.

So don’t stop believing in people, don’t stop helping people and supporting people just for the fact that you’re not getting immediate return from that person, because you can get it from somewhere else. It’s like an ever flowing thing and you help one person, another person helps you out and it’s just like a cycle. So don’t come to the wrong conclusion by saying, “Oh because this person was ungrateful I’m not helping anybody anymore.” That would be a wrong conclusion. Keep helping even if some people are ungrateful because it will come back to you in different ways from different people but you’ll still be blessed, you’ll see.

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