Should you build RAPPORT with your Network Marketing prospects?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Thursday, October 11, 2018 Under: Personal Development
Ok so when it comes to building rapport with your prospects in network marketing there are some varying opinions. There are a lot of trainers that teach that you should build a rapport with somebody before you ask them to take a look at your business opportunity.

I think I understand where that comes from. As Gary Vaynerchuk says "Marketers ruin everything" and social media is not an exception. People have abused it by sending spammy unsolicited messages with their company link or product link to people who neither asked nor wanted it and that just causes bad reputation to the whole profession so some leaders probably thought ok we need to change that and started teaching FORM, FORD, FROG etc. ways to get to know people by talking about their friends, family, occupation, recreation etc before actually asking them to take a look at their business opportunity.

However, that has also some problems and questionable effectiveness. One, it can get super weird and creepy if you start sending compliments to complete strangers and commenting under their every picture etc. Secondly when you do finally pop the question that negates whole of the rapport building as they understand that all of that was only so that you could sell them something. Finally, it's not duplicatable, because even if by some miracle you manage to recruit somebody after 6 months of giving them creepy compliments, sending them cookies and attending their kids football game, now that person will think they have to do the same to recruit other people which is very difficult.

So what could you do instead? Well, what about being honest and upfront, and letting them know what you want. Because thats what they are thinking anyway when you try to build rapport "What do you want?". What about saying something like this instead:

"Hey Mary, look we don't know each other, but I can see you're a stay at home mum and I work with a lot of stay at home mums helping them earn extra income from home at the time to suit them. Now, it may be something for you or it might not be for you at all. I am just curious if I sent you a video with more info would you be open to take a look, if not then no big deal"

It's easy, it's to the point and super effective. It asks if they are open and gives them an easy out if they are not open. But hey, what if they say no I'm not interested or they watch the video and then say it's not for them? Well, that is WHEN you build a rapport with them. Because you no longer have any secret intentions and they already know what you do. Now you can get them to know you, like you and trust you so that somewhere down the line they can say something like "Hey I know I said I was not interested before, but I didn't know you very well, not that I got to know you a bit I would like to take a look at what you do"

Here is a video where I go into more detail on this topic:

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