Seven mental laws that will assist you towards success

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Friday, December 4, 2015 Under: Personal Development
I would like to share a very interesting training with you on seven mental laws. Now these laws can become your best friend and assist you on your way to success or they can become your biggest enemy and be the reason for your failure. It all depends if you actually know about them and how you use them. Therefore, it goes without saying how important it is to learn about these laws and utilize them in an appropriate way.

The seven mental laws are as follows:

1. Law of cause and effect: this law tells us that every effect has a cause, therefore, everything that happens in your life has been 'caused' by something or someone. Therefore, you can control your lifes results (or effects) by influencing on actions you take (or causes) - I will go more in depth with each law in the video below

2. Law of control: which says that you feel positive to the degree of control you have over your life. Therefore, by taking responsibility over your life you take control. They say 'if it's to be it's up to me'. The idea is to stop blaming other people and circumstances for the results you have in your life and to take charge of it by yourself.

3. Law of belief: this law states that you will always behave in a manner consistent with your beliefs. So if you don't believe you can achieve or do something, then you will never do it. It almost have to happen in your head first before it can happen in reality.

4. Law of expectation: this law states that whatever you expect with confidence becomes your self-fulfilling prophecy. Meaning that if you really expect something with 100% confidence and desire then will do the necessary actions to get it.

5.Law of attraction: humans are like magnets. If you can think of something with an intense emotion and great clarity thn you start attracting it. It's like when you decide to buy a particular car or piece of clothing and then you start seeing that car or piece of clothing all over the town. It's not because before they were not there. but before you were not focused on it. Once you focus on it your mind starts noticing it everywhere. Same with your goals in life, if you really focus on them then your mind will start finding situations and the right people for you to achieve your goals - you start attracting them.

6. Law of correspondence: this law states that your outer world corresponds with your inner world. Therefore, if you want to change your outer world then you need to change the inner world. It's like they say you don'f find success, you attract success by becoming the person who is successful. So if you grow yourself as a person (personal development) then your outer world i..e your finances, your relationships and your physical health and shape will start changing as well.

7. Law of super-conscious activity: this law states that universe and you subconscious mind works continuously 24 hours per day. Whatever you instruct your subconscious mind to do - it will work on it 24 hours a day. And the way you instruct your mind is by focusing on something. The trouble is that most people focus on negative things and things they don't want in life and because they focus on it - the universe brings them more of it. The best way to use this law in a positive way is to write down your goals and focus on them.

in the video below I will go more in depth with each of these laws:

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