Self sabotage and patterns in your life

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Wednesday, April 8, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I'm going to talk about self sabotaging yourself and patterns in your life.

Yesterday because I'm not very intelligent, I went to the gym, I put too much weight on and I pulled my back badly. Like right now I'm on pain medication because it's hurting me quite a lot, but this is not the first time it happened. Everything we do in life is for a reason.

Yesterday I was talking to my wife Rita and she said, “Did you notice that every time you had a break from the gym, you go back at the gym and you always try too hard.” And I realized that it's a pattern and very often we don't notice patterns in our life but actually our lives to run on different patterns and self sabotaging is also a pattern. And we can sabotage ourselves in different kinds of ways. We are very creative when it comes to sabotaging ourselves.

But I noticed that this is one of the self sabotaging patterns in my life, because every time I go to the gym, well not every time but very often when I had a break from the gym and I go back to the gym, I always try too hard. I always put too much weight on, I always try too hard the next day I can barely walk or I hurt my back like I did yesterday or whatever which then causes me to miss gym. In a way I'm self sabotaging myself because I don't want to go to the gym. In all lessons, I'd prefer to sit at home and do something else.

Gym for me, it's a bit of a work. If I go to the gym and I hurt myself, then I get to skip gym for a couple of days. This is how your subconscious work and if you're not careful, you can sabotage yourself like that in your health, in your relationships, in your business, in business as well. I used to have self sabotaging patterns in business too, where like when my business was down, when I wasn't getting great results, I would be working really hard making loads of phone calls, messaging loads of people really active in my business, but then as soon as I used to start get some results, I'd go, “Oh, I can relax now.” I would relax and the business will go all the way back down to where it was. And then I go, “Oh my gosh, I need to work hard again.”

Again, this is a way of self sabotaging yourself. And the reason for that very often is because in our body, in our mind, we have what they call thermostats. Like in your home, you have a thermostat. You set the temperature to where you want it to be.

If you set it to 22 degrees, if it gets colder, the boiler kicks in, starts heating and your house heats up to 22 degrees. But if your house gets hotter than 22, the boiler switches off and lets the temperature drop back down to 22 degrees. That's a thermostat in your house. But guess what?

Most of us, we have thermostats like that in our head too, the thermostats that control our money, the thermostat that control our relationships, the thermostats that control our health and so on. For a lot of us, we have an amount of money that you're comfortable with making every month or being in your bank account. And for a lot of people, the reason why they struggle to get wealthy is because as soon as they start making a little bit more money, their thermostat kicks in and, “Oh, too much money, too much money, too much money, go spend.”

They go and spend the money or the car breaks down or their washing machine breaks down. It looks like well, you couldn't have controlled the washing machine breaking down. Well, everything is connected. Unless you raise your thermostat where you're comfortable with making more money, you're comfortable with more money being in your bank account without you having to spend it, unless you change the thermostat in your head, your results can't change.

And sometimes the same thing can apply your health, like, for me, a lot of the times what I do go to the gym, I try too hard because I'm not the guy who go seven days a week, and it's all muscle. When I do go there, most of the time I try too hard. I hurt myself, and then I go, “Oh, I don't want this anymore. I'm not going to go for the next three days or four days.” And this way, I keep falling back off the habit. I keep falling back off the wagon.

Sometimes you have to be aware enough to see these patterns in your life. Like if right now you're not getting results in some areas of your life, like most of my videos about the business, if you're not getting results in your business, what is stopping you from achieving those results? What is stopping you from greatness? What is it that you do to sabotage yourself on your journey in your business? What is it that you do or that you don't do that keeps stopping you from getting to the next level, keeps stopping you from getting to the next income, keeps stopping you from having that breakthrough? I promise you, if you stop for a moment and you start evaluating, you start analyzing, you become a bit more aware of yourself, your actions, your behaviours, your mindset, you will find things that you do or don't do that are sabotaging you.

They say awareness is the first step because once you become aware of it, that's when you can start changing it. You can start eliminating it, you can start replacing it in your life, right but the first step is for you to become aware because most people are not aware. They're like zombies, just going for life. Get up, get a breakfast, go to work, come home, eat something, watch TV, go to sleep. They’re not aware of what's happening in their life, they're not aware of patterns in their life. But if you've noticed those patterns, that's when you can start changing it. I hope I'm going to get a bit more clever, hope my back gets better and I get back into the gym and now take it easy. Do it a little bit lighter to get myself back into routine without hurting myself anymore.

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