Promoting Generic Trainers?

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Today I wanted to talk about promoting generic trainers. So should you promote generic trainers out there or should you be the only trainer that your team has?

If you are actively building in your network marketing business, if you actively building your team, should you promote other generic trainers? So there's two types of trainers out there, there's generic trainers, which basically means these are the people who are training network marketing industry, but they are themselves no longer actively building in another network marketing company and there's other trainers who also trained all the different network marketing companies, however, they are building in another network marketing company, which means they have their own business that they building.

So, when it comes to promoting, you can be hundred percent safe when you're sending your people to listen to a generic trainer that is no longer actively building. So some of the generic trainers that I promote and that I learned from a lot are guys like Eric Wore, who's an absolute legend in network marketing, he's a generic trainer, he organizes loads of training events, he's written books, but he himself is not building actively in a network marketing company. So if you are learning from him or if you sending your team members to learn from him, you know that he's not going to steal your team members and put in his team.

Another person that I learned a lot from is Ray Higdon. Again, he's a generic trainer, and also a guy called Fraser Brooks from UK. All three of these guys are genetic trainers, which means they're not actively building a network marketing company. Now, of course, there’s loads of different other trainers who are actually in another company. So that's where it comes a little bit controversial because sometimes you send your people to train with that person, but you never know if they will decide to recruit them. So if you send your team member to learn from a person who's already in a network marketing company, they might listen to the training and go, “Oh, actually, this person is quite cool.

Maybe I would like to join their team in whatever company they doing.” So that's why I would definitely recommend you to use the generic trainers like Eric Wore, Ray Higdon, Fraser Brooks, because you know you're safe for those people, and they're not going to recruit your team members in another company, or whatever. But why would you use generic trainers? Shouldn't you just be the trainer? Shouldn’t you be the only source of information for your team? Well, I would highly advise against that because again, if we talk about duplication, if you are the only person who's training your team, what sort of message then are you sending to your team? If you're the only person who's training your team, that means you sending a message that, “Hey, if you want to get my results, you will have to do what I do which means you have to become a trainer and you will have to train other people." That's the type of message you're sending.

However, if I'm as a leader in network marketing, put my people in front of Eric Wore, put my people in front of Ray Higdon, put my people in front of Fraser Brooks and let them learn from those guys, now I'm creating duplication, because my team member can think, “Okay, I can send my team members to listen to Eric Wore, I can send my team members to go on rank makers, I can send my team members to become a ninja networker or whatever.”

So it's more duplicatable when you are not a trainer. And I know it's sort of
counter-intuitive since I'm building a network marketing business and I train a lot, but I do that because I love doing it, but not because my team members have to do it. And that's why I always tell people, especially in my team where I learned the stuff, so I tell them that, “Look, I didn't come up with this stuff I've learned from this guy, I learned from this lady, I went to this training, and that's where I've learned.” So I always make a point to explain to my team members that I'm not a guru. I'm not an all knowing, genius network marketer. No, no, no, very far from that. Instead, I'm a very good parrot.

So what I do, I go listen to training and then I parrot it out back to you guys, I go watch a video and then I parrot it back to you. So instead of saying, “Hey, I'm a genius, and you have to become genius like me,” which I'm not and you don't have to be, instead of saying, “Look, all I'm doing is I'm reading a book and then telling you guys what I read. I go to a training event, and I tell you what I learned there, I watch a video I tell you guys what I leaned,” and you can do the same thing. That's duplicable.

Coming up with your own stuff, writing your own books, creating your own training programs, that's hard. That's difficult. Not everybody can do that. So you don't want to send a message to your team where they think, “Oh my Gosh, in order for me to be successful in business, I have to become this genius trainer come up with my own material. That's just going to be too difficult.” No, no, no, no, no, no, no, you don't have to do that. You can use the outside trainers and use their tools to train your team that is even better. And actually it makes your life easier. Because guess what, if you get your team to follow Eric Worre and Ray Higdon and Fraser Brooks and whoever else is out there, then guess what? Those guys are doing the work for you. They are training your team. They are motivating your team every day. They are pumping your team up every day and you don't even have to do that, how better that is, then if you have to do that every single day.

So it's totally cool to use the generic trainers, as long as they're not in another network marketing company you in totally save hands because you know, they're not going to steal or recruit your people etcetera and some of them do have like a membership groups where your team members will have to pay, some money to be in their membership group so they can learn from them all the time. But hey, it's awesome if your team member is willing to invest a little bit of money every single month, to grow themselves as a person, to be motivated, to be pumped up, to be fired up, to do your business. That is awesome, is like those guys are doing you a favor because they are motivating your team members. They're training them up. They are cranking them up at the end of the month to go and crush it. So don't be scared of using these generic trainers and don't try to be the only trainer for your team. Don't try to control them.

The worst thing you can do is if your team member invests money to learn from another trainer, from another training organization and you go, “Oh, you shouldn't do that, you should only learn from me.” Because the message that you're sending is, “Hey, you're not free, you're not allowed to do whatever you want to do.” And guess what, whenever you try to reduce somebody's freedom, they're going to run away from you, they're going to leave your business. So for me, if my team member goes and buys a book, or invest in a course or goes to a training event, I'm the first one there clapping saying, “Hey, awesome, man. I appreciate you and I am so grateful for the fact that you're investing in yourself,” because that's the best sign.

If your team member is ready to invest money in themselves, to learn and to become better then you know you have a great team member in your hands because that person is willing to grow. They're willing to invest in their business by investing in themselves in order to achieve even better results, which is totally awesome.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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