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Today's topic is plan, do, review. What does that mean?

Well, it's one of the most powerful techniques you can use to improve your life, to improve your business. It's simple, but it's so so powerful. Most people just do the middle part. They just do and nothing changes in their life. Because they’re just doing- the Nike philosophies just do it! Well, maybe sometimes you need to plan, do and review.

So what do I mean by that? So let's say you want to improve in your business. So first thing you need to get in a habit of planning. Because if you don't, if you fail to plan, then you’re planning to fail so that goes without saying you should be planning you should be planning your day ahead. You should be planning your week ahead. You should be planning your month ahead. So let's say you wake up this morning and say okay, I'm going to be doing-- I'll be working on my business today. So you sit down and you plan today I'm going to do this that and the other etcetera. Then you go ahead and you do all day you do your activities, you do your things, you do your income producing activity and at the end of the day, you review so you look okay, how did today go? What was positive? What didn't go so well? What could be improved? You know, what did I not expect? What did I not anticipate?

You review your day and next day, then you take this into account what you just reviewed when the planning the next day. So now you’re wiser, you’re slightly smarter, you’re slightly more experienced and tomorrow you’re planning again the day, but you already have an account what happened yesterday. And again, so you plan, you do that day, and you review at the end of that day. And again, you take into account what you just reviewed while planning the next day, you do, you review, again, you use that to plan the next day you do, you review.

You can’t even imagine how much you can improve in your business. Only if you improve like a third of 1% over a year, that’s 100% improvement. So it's not about making huge leaps and bounds every single day. It's not about the ground-breaking transformational experiences every day. It's about small improvements. It's about slight changes to what you do and that can make a huge difference over long term if you keep reviewing. But most people don't do that.

One, they don't plan ahead and then two, they don't review once it happened. There just go, “Ah, another horrible week. Well, let's hope next week will be better.” And next week again, it's horrible, “Ah, another horrible week. Well, let's hope that next year will be better,” and they go throughout their life without anything ever changing. And they wonder, “I wonder why my life is not changing. I wonder why it's not improving,” because you are not improving, because you're not even trying to improve, because you’re not even trying to.

So that's why it’s such a powerful technique, plan, do, review, use what you've learned to plan the next week, do, review use what you've learned to plan the next month. Do, review use what you've learned to plan the next year. Do, review and then you want it or not you will be improving. Because if you’re planning tomorrow by looking at what you've learned from yesterday, you will automatically start improving because you'll have planned that yesterday it didn't work out so I need to change that plan, I wanted to do that but I didn't
 I need to change that bit and you'll start improving on yourself.

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