People won’t start a race that they know they CAN’T finish

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Monday, January 27, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about the fact that people wouldn't start the race they can't finish. This is quite important for you when it comes to building your home based business, means you want to go on marketing business. Because if you don't adhere to this, if you don't use this information, then you might without even knowing it, put people off from doing your home based business. What does that mean?

Well, it basically means that when you give somebody a target, a goal to do, if they decide that they can't do it, if they decide that it's too difficult, if they decide that they won't be able to even reach that goal, they aren’t going to do it., especially when it comes to recruiting new people into your business and getting new people started in your team, you want to make sure that, you give them clear instructions on what they need to do just figure it out, or the Nike slogan, just do, it doesn't really work in a business scenario, because most new people, they don't know what to do, so just do it doesn't really help anybody, because they don't know what Just do it.

So you need to give people clear instructions on what they need to do. But also, when it comes to giving targets or giving challenges or giving tasks to people, it has to be doable, it has to be something that the person thinks that's easy do I could do it. And I think that could work. That's all your tasks; objectives that you give to people in your business should have these free points.

If you think that a new person will take a look at this, and will they be able to say that looks easy to do? I could do it. And I think it will work? Will it have those three things because if it won't, then the people most likely are not even going to try and do it. So when you're doing the contest, when you're doing the challenges and things like that, you want to always look into that, and think is this a race that most of my team members will think that they can't finish. Because if it is, then they know they won't even start, they won't even do it, you know, sometimes you might create an incentive and say, you can win a huge prize, but the task seems impossible.

And then people won't, be motivated to do that task anyway. Because they don't think they can finish that anyway, you know what I mean? So that's something to take a look at. And when you're creating your systems, in your business for your team, you want to make sure that especially the getting started bits are very, basic, doable.

The system is successful when three things are met, everybody knows it. Everybody does it. And it works. if you are thinking about how to create a getting started, process for your team member, and the process, the steps you're putting in there, not everybody can do it. It's not a good Getting Started process. You want to always filter it through these three things. Everybody knows it. Everybody does it. And it works.

Some of the stuff that you might be giving right now to your new people are actually more like intermediate or advanced strategies that later once the person has some experience, once the person has some knowledge later, they can do it.

But right now, it's a bit too challenging; it's a bit too difficult. It's one of those races that they think they can't finish. And that's why they don't even start doing it. So for the very, beginning, when you recruit a new person for the getting started process, think of the ideas, tasks that everybody can do it, simple steps, easy wins. And once they got some results, then you can give them some more challenging techniques, some advanced techniques, and they will do that too.

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