People will be ok with your success as long as you share your failures

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Thursday, November 19, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk little bit about human psychology and how it works. This is especially useful for your social media branding, and position yourself on social media. The title of this blog post is that people are okay with your success, as long as you share your failures.

Now, this might sound interesting or a bit crazy, but people are a bit crazy. If you go on your social media and you just brag, brag and brag, which I know probably that's not what you're trying to do. You're just trying to show people what you achieved, what you've done. But if you only show all the good things that happens in your life, you're going to get some haters. You're going to get some haters either way, but you're going to get to some specific haters who will basically bash you for basically being too perfect and too good, for showing off, for bragging. But people don't mind you showing off your success if you tell them about your failures, too.

Basically what people love to hear is rags to riches stories. Like, think about pretty much every fairy tale that you can think of, it’s usually rags to riches, like from bad situation to good situation. When you’re building your social media following and when you’re sharing your, your story and your journey, it's important to remember that people will be okay with you achieving great income and great results, as long as you let them know about where you started from, about how it all came about. Maybe right now you start making really good money, but you were broke at some point.

People are a lot more receptive to hearing about that because nobody is excited about hearing somebody who goes, “Yeah, I'm doing amazingly well and it was just easy. There was just no problem. No challenge at all. I was rich before, and now I'm even richer and it's just super cool.” Nobody gets inspired about that. Everybody wants to hear rags to riches. But again, people don't want to hear rags to rags because some of you just go in and go, “Yeah, it sucks. Yeah, life is horrible. I hate myself and yeah, still sucking. Yeah, I’m still broke.” Nobody wants to hear that either.

People want to see the progress. People want to see the transformation. People want to see you going from bad situation or not so good situation into great situation. Even as you start achieving tremendous level of success, it’s okay to share that success. But always remind people where you first started from; remind people that you were not so awesome when you first began; you were not so wealthy when you first got started, and you were not so successful when you first got started.

There's a progress, there is a journey to that and that is especially important inside your business, because maybe you've been in a business for a while and you've achieved tremendous level of success and you just keep sharing your success and new people coming in who are struggling, who are struggling to get the sales, who are struggling to get the recruits and they're thinking, “Oh my Gosh, it's so easy for them and I'm just struggling.” Don't forget to remind your team that when you first started it wasn't that easy for you either. It wasn't that wonderful for you either. It took you some time to get to where you are today. So show them your progress and they will be okay with your success and they will support you and be your fans as well.


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