People who are SCEPTICAL might be the beat for your business

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Tuesday, July 14, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about sceptical people. The title of this blog is sceptical people might be the best for your business. Why is that?

Well, very often when I attend training events, when I listen to testimonials, when I watch people on the stage of network marketing, leadership events and things like that, guess what I hear very often. A lot of the times I hear people say, “Oh, I was so against network marketing. And now I'm the top leader of the company may Millions a year. I was against network marketing, and I now I’m like the top rank in my company.”

And I heard it so many times, I started wondering, hmm, there's something to learn here, isn't it? Because sometimes we aim for the low hanging fruit. We recruit the people who say yes straightaway. “Oh, yes. Yes, I’ll join your team. Yeah, no problem.” But for some reason, people who say yes to everything, very often don't do that much.

People, who are easy to say yes, very often say yes to everything and then they get so much responsibilities or so many things to do that they don't really do much in anything. But the person who says no to every network marketing opportunity, the person who says no to every business, once you recruit that person, they're solid. They're like there forever. They're there to make some serious money.

Once they make a decision to join a network marketing business, they don't look back, they don't look to the sides, they just look ahead. So what's the lesson in this? Well, the lesson is that when you're reaching out to people, when you're prospecting people for your business, you will probably come across some good quality high calibre people who most likely going to say no to you, at least the first time around.

The idea is to think about how can you build a good enough relationship with that person, that you might recruit them, second time round, third time round, because remember, a person who is against network marketing, a person who said never in my life, if they do join it, they usually will become the best thing advocate of network marketing. Usually they'll become the best converted person. And I've heard it so many times, some of the biggest leaders in network marketing industry, were the people who said, “Never again, I would never do this business.”

And these are the people now making millions a year. I'm not saying that you have to beg people that you have to convince people to join a business or so, what I'm saying if somebody is good quality person, and you know, they are like, “Oh, no, no, no network marketing is not for me.” But you know they could do tremendously well, maybe there is potential in building a relationship with that person, and maybe getting them to try your product first, not the business, just your product, maybe inviting them to an event so they can say something interesting.

I've heard so many times, in all the masterminds and everywhere. So what I'm saying is build relationships and don't give up too easily on good quality people and you never know what can happen in your business when that person decides one day, “You know what, situation changed or life changed or something happened. I'm open now. And this person has always been nice to me. This person has always given me only positive things. I want to talk to them.” That might just change your business and your life.

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