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Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Wednesday, April 8, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about marketing and why you should never stop doing it. Today’s title is never stop marketing. What does it mean?

Well, what it means is that as business people, as network marketers, very often we do a lot of marketing to attract a customer or to attract a business partner. We might be putting out videos, we might be putting out posts and stories and all of that to get somebody interest, but once the person decides to buy something from you, or decides to join your business, then a lot of people get lazy with marketing. Because once the person is in a team, they just go, “Oh, they already in a team group. So that's it.” Wrong.

You should never stop marketing. Let’s say you did some marketing, maybe you put a video out there, maybe you put up post, maybe you did an info graphic or whatever, and you attracted somebody, and they said, “Hey, what is this thing you do?” You send them the presentation, they decide to join your business, boom, you add them into your team group.

Guess what, in your team group, you should continue marketing. You should continue using marketing to entice the person to buy a product, to entice the person to go to the event, to entice the person to start building a team or whatever it is. Your marketing efforts don't stop when somebody joins a business or buys a product. If somebody becomes your customer buys a product, guess what?

You should continue marketing to them. You should sell still, maybe create a customer group or have them in some sort of a way where you can keep reaching out to them and keep enticing them. Keep serving them, keep showing them something interesting because if you get lazy with that and those customers stop being interested. If you get lazy with that, your team members stop being interested. You always should carry on marketing not just until the time when you get a customer or you get a team member.

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