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Today, I wanted to share with you my favourite podcast. So why podcast first of all? Well the reason why I love podcast is because they are free. Which means it’s duplicable, right. Because in network marketing, it's really important what can be duplicated and if it's free, that means each and every one of my team members can get a free thing which is a podcast. So whether you’re using iPhone or an Android phone, you can go to the Apple store or to the Play Store, etc., and download the podcast app. So that's the first step. If you haven't got one, I think on iPhones it comes up by default automatically. But if you haven't got it, you can download it free of charge. Now, once you go to your podcast app, there's millions of different podcasts that you can listen to. I mean, there are loads like there is very different ones, that it can be motivating you educating you, etc.

But my very favourite ones and few honourable mentions before I go into my favourite one few great ones; Eric Worrie’s podcast really great. He does a lot of million dollar interviews and things like that. Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Brendan Burchard just to mention a few great podcasts with loads of value. However, my very favourite podcast to listen to is Ray Higdon’s and it's called Home Business Profits. So there's over 1000 episodes already there. And I'll tell you why it's my favourite and why I think you should be listening to that podcast.

First of all, when do I listen to the podcast? I listen to it when I'm driving, because I've got my phone connected to my car stereo. I listen to it when I'm in the gym, when I'm on a walk, when I'm walking the dog or whatever. I listen to the podcast all the time when my hands are busy, but my mind is free. So if I'm doing something that doesn't require my full mental capacity, then some of you might say, “Well, probably driving requires mental capacity :D ” you know what I mean. If you can listen to a radio whilst doing it, you can listen to a podcast instead of listening to a radio, I listen to a podcast.

Now the reason why Home Business Profits by Ray Higdon is my favourite is: First of all, I like Ray Higdon, he is a great trainer for network marketing. And his podcasts are not just motivational or inspirational, but it's also educational where he actually gives you tips on how to talk to people, how to recruit, how to build a team, how to sell products. Like I said, there are over 10000 episodes there but why should you listen to a podcast like that? Maybe you want to listen to motivational stuff, maybe you want to listen to Tony Robbins. But there's a very simple reason and actually that goes to reading and to watching programs too. Now, before I used to just read everything and watch every single program I can, thinking that well, it's all personal development, it's all going to motivate me, it's all going to inspire me which is true to some level.

 However, if you wanted to become a really great brain surgeon, what seminars should you listen to and go to? Just any motivation or let's go to Tony Robbins. Let's walk on fire. Will that make you a better brain surgeon? I don't think so. It might make you a very motivated brain surgeon; it might make you a very fired up brain surgeon but it's not going to improve your skill of doing surgeries on brains. Would you agree with that? So when it comes to what do you read, what do you listen and what you watch in network marketing you should do majority of your personal development within network marketing. This is why I would recommend you to listen to Ray Higdon’s podcast because his podcast is not only to motivate you and to inspire you, which it's going to do anyway, but it's also specifically designed for a network marketer. So it will teach you skills and ideas required for you to become successful in network marketing. 

When it comes to reading books, again , my library is quite big, I have loads of different books, but lately I've been  investing mainly into books that will help me to become a better network marketer instead of just motivating me. Yeah I still buy a book from Tony Robbins and I still buy a book from Brendan Burchard but most of my books are to do with my profession, with my industry, does that make sense? So you have to work on your skills so just motivation just the ‘rara’ is not going to make a big difference unless you work on your skills. So reading books by Eric Worre, by Mark Yarnell, by formula for success in network marketing, by big Al those books are the books that will improve your skills in network marketing and same again same Ray Higdon, he wrote a book “freakishly effective, strategies for social media” again pretty good book, a lot of great stuff. This is why I'd recommend you to listen to Home Business Profits by Ray Higdon because they will help you to hone in on your skills on what to say network marketing, what to do in network marketing, how to build your business, how to build a team culture so on and so on. Because only the motivation it's not a great plan because it's not going to be improving your skills. So it’s a free podcast make sure you give it a go. I absolutely love it. There's loads of great stuff there, actually if you start listening to it you'll find that you know a lot of stuff that I teach you comes from Ray Higdon because I learn a lot from him. So I’ll definitely highly recommend.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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