Most important RESOURCES for your business are FREE!

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I want to talk about the most important resources for your business. So the title of this blog is that the most important resources for your business free and they are.

One of the most important resources that I've observed high leaders have in the business, like in our industry, network marketing, some of the top earners people who are making a million a year, two million a year, three million a year, you know the resource they have is energy. They have high energy, these people are not going, “Take a look at my business opportunity.” No, they're not like that. They're fired up. They're excited. They're passionate about what they're doing, they are courageous. And if you think about it, all of those things are free. Like some of you, “Oh, if only I had iPhone 25 that I could do the business. If only I had a better car, if only I could travel to Las Vegas.” And all of those things cost money, but they are not the most important things in your business.

Like the most important thing is energy, is do you radiate that energy? Do you excite yourself and other people? Because sales is nothing more than a transfer of feeling. And you might say, “Well, I'm not a salesperson. But actually if you’re in network marketing, number one, you're selling yourself, because people are not joining your business or your product, or your company. They're joining you. So first you have to sell yourself.

Secondly, if you're recommending a product to somebody, that sales, so you have to sell that product, and three, you’re selling the business opportunity, but don't be scared, because sales is just the transfer of feeling. So if I can make you feel the way I feel about this business, you're going to join me. If I can make you feel the way I feel about this product, you're going to buy this product, not because I manipulate you, not because I do some trickery on you, no, it's just I show you how excited I am about it. I'll show you how passionate I am about it. I show you how fired up I am about it, and then you'll go, “Oh my gosh, like I didn't understand half of that, but it sounds exciting. I want to be part of that.” That's energy guys. That's energy and you need to find a way to generate it. You don't have to have it.

It's like some of you will go, “Oh, but I'm an introvert. I'm a low energy person.” That's nonsense because like the power plant doesn't have energy inside it. It generates energy. Same way you as a human being, you don't have energy, you don't have like a Duracell battery in your side or an energizer battery in your side that's powering you up. It doesn't work like that. You generate energy as a human being, you fire yourself up, and you can do that instantly like that. At will. You can change your state at any point in time. So you might feel oh right now, and go, “Hey.” You don't believe me? It's very easy. Imagine, imagine you have a really hard day of business. You have a really hard day of business and you go door to door, business to business and everybody’s turning you down and everybody is saying no, everybody's saying that your product is no good, everybody's saying that your businesses no good, everybody's saying that you are no good and it's the whole day like that. One after another, like a whole day.

So by the end of this day, you are knackered, you are tired, you're depressed, you ready to give in, but you just go back to your hotel room, and you call your loved ones and you call your spouse, maybe your wife, or your husband, you call them home. And on the other end, they hear that you are upset, they hear that you are sad, they hear that you’re down, and they say, “Hey, Jen, don't worry about it. We just won a lottery. I bought a ticket and we just won 60 million pounds. So don't worry about those appointments. It's all going to be fine.” How would you feel?

Tell me how would you feel in an instant? From, oh to, “Yeah, we won 60 million pounds, bloody hell.” Wouldn't it be like that? Of course, but where did all this energy came from? Did you just eat some spinach to add some energy? Did you just have some invigorating shower? No. You just did it with your mind. And you can do it every single freaking day. You don't need to win 60 million pounds in lottery in order to change that feeling. And it doesn't even have to be true.

So carrying on from the story, imagine you get home and you walk in the house and go, “Well, where is it? Where is that lottery ticket?” And your wife goes, “April fools. It was just a joke. I heard over the phone that you were sad. I heard that you were depressed. So I made it up. I said to you that we won 60 million pounds of luxury. Actually, we didn't.” Now after you finished strangling that person, think about it. Now, they didn't tell you the truth, it was a lie.

But was the energy, was the feeling fake? No, the feeling in your body of excitement, of enthusiasm was real, right? No matter whether the information was true or not, whether you actually won the lottery or not. It didn't matter that it was not true. The energy created in your body was real. So you can trick your mind into being happy, enthusiastic, energetic, passionate even when you're not, even when you haven't had a great day, you can trick your body into feeling that.

Because if I asked you to show me how a sad person looks like, what would you do? You'd probably deep your head, crowd, slump, that’s how a sad person will look like. If I asked you how does the happy person looks like, you’d probably stick a smile on your face whatever, right? So, if you are feeling down, what if you started doing this, “Yeah.” if you did that, how long could you be depressed, if you're smiling from ear to ear? Very difficult to be depressed if you're smiling and jumping up and down, right? So you can create that energy in your body. But that's one of the most important resources in your business, and it's free. You don't have to buy it somewhere. You don't have to go and get a bucket of motivation purchased for 55 pounds, right? You don't have to do that. You generate it in your body for free.

You just need to use your mind for that. You just need to make a decision to make that. It's like you've been hearing my voice, I've been sick, like last week or so I just been sick. I have had nose running. I had fever. Now I've got the fro thing going on, etcetera. And my wife was totally fine, right? She still is, you'll understand why in a minute. So she was totally fine, but I was all sick, now clearly me sneezing around her and all of that doesn't really help. So she starts getting a little runny nose happening, and I go to her, “Oh, you must have got my virus. You must be getting ill now.” And she goes, “No, I'm not.” She goes, “It's just a little few drops, whatever. I'm not getting sick. I'm not getting sick.” So with her mind, she refused the disease. She refused to allow the disease, the virus to take over. She's just, “No, I'm not sick. Don't say that. I'm not sick. I'm not getting sick.”

So she just refused mentally to allow the virus to take her and she's doing it better than I did. So again, it's all about in your mind. So the most powerful resources for your business are actually free. The most powerful resources in your business are free. That's energy, enthusiasm, courage, commitment, creativity. All of these things are more powerful than any system, than any software, than any app on your phone, than any computer. They are a lot more powerful, and all of them are absolutely free. All you have to do is just make a decision to use it and to practice a daily.

Find a way to generate that energy, for someone you, it might be a motivational video in the morning. For some of you, it may be a song, I feel good, right. Whatever it is for you, you need to find a way how to pump yourself up because if you approach me about your business, if I'm falling asleep listening to you, I am not joining your team. I am not buying your product right? So you need to fire up yourself that when you approach somebody, they go, “Bloody hell, this person is powerful. They're coming across with passion. I want to listen to what they got to tell. I want to hear about this business opportunity.” That's what you need to do.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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