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When it comes to earning high levels of income in network marketing it is all about what you do with your time. And at least 75% of the time you allocate to your network marketing business should be spent in communication. Here is how you should spend that time:

25% of the time: Talking to new prospects who could join your business or purchase your products (remember see if they are open and give them an out)

25% of the time: Following up with new prospects that you have called or sent information via email, text, or Facebook messenger. See if they had a look at the information you've sent, what did they like the most, are they ready to join?

25% of the time: Helping your existing team members to recruit by doing 3-way calls, Zooms, Skype calls or face-to-face presentations.

25% of the time: Promoting something to your team members by calling them, e.g. conference coming up, new promotion, new product etc.

So as you can see a largest chunk of your time should be spent communicating with people. The rest of the time you can attend trainings, read books, watch motivational videos and so on. 

Here is a video where I go in a little more detail:

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