Marketing is all about EMOTION and Simplicity

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Tuesday, April 14, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about marketing and how to make it more effective and how to make it work better for you.

Since I'm using my time productively at home during this isolation, this quarantine, I've been watching today again, the 10 x growth con by Grant Cardone and I was watching one guy called Brad Pascal, and he spoke about marketing and really I liked the ideas that he was sharing because I found from experience that what he was saying works very well in business too.

So when it comes to marketing, putting the content out there that some people might respond to you, when they see that content, it's really important to know what you should aim for. And many people when they use marketing, they try to use logic. Logical, this is why you should do this and this is why you shouldn't do that.

But marketing is a lot more about emotion. It's a lot more about involving people emotionally. That's why some of the best advertising commercials that you ever see on television, are the ones that that cause emotion, the ones that sort of stir up the emotions. I don't know if you've seen last Christmas, John Lewis did this commercial with Elton John, where it shows Elton John as a kid, and how his mom or grandma buys a piano for him for Christmas. And he starts playing it and it shows as he starts growing up and then he becomes a older kid and then becomes a teenager and all the way from his life and he's finishing, the commercial finishes, he's an old man as he is now playing on the piano.

What does that do that commercial, it involves you emotion, you feel emotional about seeing that whole journey that whole of his lifetime and the John Lewis just wants you to come and buy presents from the shop, but the whole commercial is about causing emotion, because they say people will forget what you said and done, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

When you’re making pieces of marketing, it should involve people emotionally, it should cause some sort of emotion. And it should also be easy to understand, because if you making marketing very complicated, like very sophisticated, using very difficult words and very difficult to understand, again, a lot of people might not get it. When you're making pieces of marketing, you should think about making it for the kitchen table talk and not for a classroom talk.

You don't want your marketing, your material, videos or your ads or whatever, only to be understood by somebody who's got very loads of education. You want it to be simple to understand to anybody. And the guy who was doing the speech, he gave a very good example. It was like a president election like 100 years ago in America. And the biggest topic there was about whether the American dollar should be tied to silver or to gold. And one speaker came on the stage and he was getting all technical and explaining why one is better than the other.

And then the other candidate for the day, he came up on the stage, he grabbed a loaf, two loaves of bread, he broke one loaf in half and he said, “Look, if you go for one option, you're going to get half of the loaf of bread, if you go for the other option, my option, you're going to get the full loaf of bread.” Guess who won the election? Obviously this guy, because he made it easy to understand, most public at that time, they didn't understand what's the difference, tying the dollar to silver, tying the dollar to gold, but when he showed a half a loaf of bread and a full loaf of bread, it was clear to understand easy choice. We want the full off of bread. And people voted for him.

It the simplicity and it was more understandable for everybody. When you making your marketing material, whether that's a video, or recruiting posts or sales posts or whatever it is, always thing to always do it easy to understand, because especially in network marketing, I often see people going, “Oh, you get leverage and you get passive income. And you get this and that.”

And like for somebody who's never done business, for somebody who's just like a normal employee type of person, all of those words is just jibber jabber, like they don't understand anything about leverage or passive income or Cash Flow Quadrant or whatever. You need to make it in a very simple terms that people actually understand that easily, “Hey, you get paid for recommendations, hey, you get paid for work you did you know some time ago and so on.” Easy to understand instead of very complicated.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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