Looser thinking

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Tuesday, July 14, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about loser thinking. So I learned this idea from my mentor Ray Higdon. And he spoke about it and it really, really made me think why a lot of people have the loser thinking. What is loser thinking?

Loser thinking is when you act out of weakness, you act out of weakness. And unfortunately, very many people act out of weakness. Something doesn't go well and they quit something and they give up. There's no product in stock or there is problems with a website or there's a problem with registration or something's held up or something's on backorder.

Whenever they face challenges in life and sometimes it doesn't even have to be business. Sometimes it's personal life. They give up, they run away from problems, they run away from challenges and all of their life, they end up giving up and giving up and giving up and not achieving much, not reaching their full potential, because they always look for an easy way out. And the easiest way is not to do something, it’s to quit.

Looser thinking is when you act out of weakness, for example, maybe you’re leaving the company, but there might be strong reasons to leave the company, like maybe you decided that you're going to chase a different venture in your life, maybe you'll go into a different profession, or maybe you'll start a traditional business or whatever. That's leaving out of something else, but if you're leaving the business out of weakness, “Oh, it doesn't work for me. So I quit. Oh, it's so hard. It's too difficult, I quit.” That's acting out of weakness. And if you act out of weakness, it never ends well, because you know why you did it.

You know why you took that step because you were too weak to deal with what was the challenge, you were too weak to handle the problem and you left. And when you do handle the problems, you gain the power, so you gain the power of the problem you defeat. So the more problems you defeat, the stronger and more powerful you become. My wish for you is never act out of weakness. Always act out of strength, and you'll see how your results will be through the roof.

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