Look after your HEALTH before it’s too late

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Thursday, February 13, 2020 Under: Personal Development

The title of this blog says, look after your health before it's too late.

I know that most of the time I talk about business and I talk about personal development, but I thought it was important to talk about this today because I'm seeing so many people getting health problems, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etcetera. There's just so much of it happening and what really is amazing about us human beings is that we only become concerned with our health, once we've lost it, once you know the damage is done. So it's so easy to ignore your health, and prioritize all the other things, but if you think about it, what's the point of making all of this money if you're not going to have time to enjoy it?

What's the point of buying the houses and getting the cars and all of that, if you're not going to be alive, to actually use it? You know what I mean? So even though yes, financial freedom is a huge mission and working and building your business, at the same time, you want to look after your health. So many people, they sacrifice their health to make the money, and then they're ready to give all the money back or spend all the money to get the health back. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. It's already too late.

I'm not doing this live to sell you some food supplements or whatever, if you’re in my team, if you're in my company, then you know we have awesome food supplements. So you should be using them not because you know it's good for business, but because of your health, like you have to take care of your health before you lose it because once your health is gone, that's not the time to start using food supplements.

The time do you start using food supplements is when you feel good, is when you feel okay, that's the time to start strengthening your immunity, to start detoxing your body, to start really improving your sleep and energy and vitality. That's the time to do it. Not when you’re in bed sick or when you're in hospital, you know what I mean? So, if you're not in my team, if you're not in my company, get some food supplements, like, I don't really care. I'm not trying to sell you my food supplements, but start looking after your health start investing.

I've learned a lot from my mentor, and she has always looked after her health, all of her life, she's been taking food supplements, different food supplements, to keep her energy to keep her health and, and she's very healthy compared to many other people of her age. You know, so, it's just such an important part. And I think people don't pay enough attention to it, you know, and then you see these young people struggling with disease, struggling with cancer, with heart disease, with diabetes with all of these things, and most of that stuff is preventable.

Most of the stuff is what they call lifestyle diseases, is just simply eating bad food, not exercising enough, not taking enough vitamins and minerals, etcetera in your diet, and things like that. And a lot of that stuff could have been prevented, if we only looked after our health a little bit more. So my message today is really to stop you for a second. You know, and I know you're crushing. You're trying to build your business. I know you're building your mission. I know you want to become financially free, I know. And all of that is understandable. I am doing the same thing.

I'm building my business and I'm spending a lot of time on it, etcetera. But just at the same time, don't neglect your health. Don't do it as an expense of your health. You can successfully build your business but still look after your health at the same time. Still take your food supplements every day, still eat some vegetables and fruits still exercise a bit, you know, go maybe to the gym, if you haven't got time to the gym, just go for a quick walk, you know, just things like that it doesn't have to be crazy amount of three hours a day pumping iron in the gym.

Yeah, it could be doing five sit ups and five push ups and five something else, you know, in your home every single morning or just stretching. But look after your health because that's the most valuable thing that you have, you know, the health is the most important thing you know, and same way look after your psychological health, you know, so again, you know, meditating, you know, relaxing, listening to some calm music, you know, reading some books, and things like that can really help you with your mind and your thought process. So again, you know, just all around looking after yourself is also so important as you progressing towards your journey to success in towards you realizing your all of your dreams and your full potential.

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