Light, Love and Life

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Today I wanted to talk about three things, light, love and life and what do I mean by them and why are they important maybe? So number one is light and what does it stand for? What does it mean? So, for me, light is about happiness. Most of us, we build businesses, we have jobs, we buy cars, we buy houses, we buy clothes, computers, phones, and things like that, we travel the world and we do bunch of different stuff in our lives, but what is it all for? 

Well, most of us, we do all of that, because we want to be happy. That's really what it is all about. It’s about becoming happy, being happy, being satisfied with your life, whatever means you use to get that happiness is different to each and every one of us, but the end result is most of the time happiness. When you do what you like, when you contributing, when you changing other people's lives, when you happy within your family life is just happiness, that's all it is. The light for me stands for being that light for other people. There’s a lot of negative people out there who criticise everybody, who hate on everybody, who tell how horrible life is and the news and the media full of it, if you're watching news on television or you’re reading newspapers or you’re listening to news on the radio, it's all what they talk about who killed who, who stole from who, what accidents happened, what tornadoes, hurricanes happen, and how many thousands or hundreds of people get killed, etc. 

So it's all very depressing. It's all very negative, etc. So it's enough negative people out there. Why not be a light, why not be a different type of person that brings happiness to other people, that brings joy to other people, that brings that light, when you walk into the room, why not be that light where people go, “Oh my gosh, I'm glad that person came because they're so nice, because they're so amazing, because there's so joyous, because they spread the good feeling to other people etc. So really, that's the first one that's the light. Why not be a positive person? Why not instead of criticising others, why not look for positives, why not look for complimenting others and why look for the ways to impact other people's lives in a better way? 

I read somewhere where they said, “Every single person that you interact with that you meet, you should leave them better than when you first met them. You should leave them in a better position, in a better situation, in a better mindset than when you met them.” How great it would be if every single person that you met when you went away they felt better than before they met you, it'd be awesome. So why not try that, why not be that light, so that's the first one. 

The second word is love. And again, you learn about different strategies, how to communicate with people, how to build a rapport with people, how to build successful business and how to go up the career ladder, and how to have great relationships in your family life, and how to have great relationships with kids and things like that, you learn all these things, but really what it all boils down to is love. If you can become that person that is always giving out love to people in whatever shape or form, so whether you have business interactions with people, whether you're talking to your friends, whether you're talking to your family, to your children, if you're always trying to give love, guess what, you're going to get those results, you're going to earn that money, you're going to have that great family life, you're going to have those great relationships because you're always spreading love.

I might not be the specialist in Facebook algorithm, I might not be a specialist in SEO in search engine optimisation, I might not even be a specialist in business, but what I know is if you do everything with love, and you try to give love to everybody that you interact with, guess what, you're going to get great results, especially if you do it consistently, not just one day love and then hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, and then love and then hate, hate, hate, no, all the time. If you try to be friendly and give loving response to every single person that you interact with, I personally believe you're going to get great results in whatever you do. Whether you business, in a job, in a family relationship, etc. So that's the second word, that's love. 

And the third word is life. For me, that stands for gratitude. I remember I was listening to one of the programs by Brian Tracy and in the introduction, they said all the accolades that he has and all the success he’s achieved and the last thing that the introducer said about him that “he's a lover of life”. And I thought wow, that's powerful to be a lover of life, to love life because there's so many people who are miserable, who hate, who complain, who whine and whinge how bad everything is, how horrible their job is, how horrible their family is, how horrible that car is, how horrible they were, and they just hate all the time, and how sad it must be to live full life of being desperate, of being disappointed, of being sad. It must suck to live that type of life, why not become a lover of life? And why not love what you already have, being grateful for the fact that you have roof over your head, for the fact that when you switch the switch, the light comes on, for the fact that when you turn the tap, the water starts running, for the fact that you get paid for doing whatever crappy job that you do, you actually get paid for doing that because there are people who don't get paid for weeks and months and years sometimes. Why not appreciate the fact that when you open that fridge, there’s food in it.

In my life, I’ve been in a place where I would open the fridge in our home, and there would be no food in it. That sucks. Trust me. It's a horrible feeling to be in that place, but now I'm in a very different place and I appreciate every single thing that I take out of that fridge. So why not become grateful? Why not swap your expectations for appreciation, because you can only be disappointed if you pre-plan to be disappointed. Like, if you don't plan to be disappointed, you can't be disappointed. What do I mean? Well, imagine I go on an airplane tomorrow to Las Vegas, and we get on an airplane and they don't give us food. Now, it's unlikely, it's Virgin Atlantic and they definitely going to feed us, but let's say they don't feed us, I can only be disappointed if I expected for them to give me food, if I demand for the food to be given. Now, I'm disappointed because they didn’t give me food.

If I'm not attached to that outcome, if I'm not addicted to that outcome, if I don't expect and they don't feed me, well, this one, they didn't feed us. The other one fed us, no problem, I can buy some food. I'm not bothered. It's not going to ruin my day, it’s not going to make me mad or upset or disappointed. So the only way you can be disappointed is if you plan to get something or plan that somebody else are going to do something for you and then when they don't do it or you don't get it, you go, “Oh, I'm disappointed.” You have to plan to be disappointed. So why not swap that expectation? I expect for things to happen, I expect for people to give me things, I expect for government to do things for my kids and for my wife to do things. Why not swap that expectation for appreciation? Why not, I appreciate things that, hey my wife just cooked me a meal, I really appreciate that. My kids made me a card, I appreciate that. My car started on this morning, it didn't go de, de, de, de and nothing happens. It came on and it started straight away from the first time. So I appreciate that too, and all the other things. 

If you start appreciating things, guess what, you're going to get more things to appreciate you. So that's life, become a lover of life, become a person who enjoys every single day and appreciates everything single day and goes, “Wow, it was just another great day. It was just another amazing and tomorrow is going to be even better.” Just think how your life will change if you did that.


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