Life is like the changing seasons

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Friday, January 24, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about the fact that life and business is like the changing seasons. So what do you mean that it's like changing seasons?

Well, what I mean by that is that all of us want to have positive, great times when everything’s go well, when we making a lot of money, people are joining our team, people are buying a product is just really, really great times, but that's the summer. And what can you tell about the seasons? What you can tell is that after the summer, there's always an autumn. And after an autumn, there's always a winter. And after the winter, it's spring. So what does it all mean?

Well, what it means that if right now you're living and it's a summer season for you, where everything goes well and you're rocking it and you're killing it and you're making a lot of money. Awesome, is fantastic. I congratulate you. I'm your biggest fan. However, you need to know that Autumn is around the corner. So the next season is around the corner and things will happen, not if, but things will happen that will turn to worse sometimes, where you might not make so much money, where you might experience some challenges etcetera, and then winter is the most challenging season.

Winters are you might be in a winter season right now, you might be struggling, you might be struggling financially, health wise, relationship wise, whatever the challenges you're going in your life, right, and that you might be in the winter season right now and again it’s okay. Why? Because you know, it hasn't come to stay. It has come to pass. So the fact is that if you are in a winter season right now you have to understand that spring is around the corner and that's where everything starts turning to life, when the weather starts getting warmer when things just get easier, right.

So whatever season you’re going, you need to always know that the next season is coming. So if it's great times, prepare for the worse, you know why ants do so well, because in the summer, they think winter, winter, winter, winter, so they need to stock in food and do all of the things etcetera. And in the winter, you know, they know that the summer is around the corner. So that's how it all works, right? And life in business works exactly the same way. There will be good seasons, not so good seasons, but you just have to take it all because you can rearrange it. You know, when you have your own planet, you can take free summers in the road, right? But since you're living on this planet, then you just have to take it as it is and there's always going to be the change of different seasons.

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