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I want to talk about a lesson that we can learn from successful franchises. So what's the lesson we can learn from successful franchises. I'm talking about franchises like McDonald's, like Burger King, like Dominos Pizza, like diner and so on. So there's so many different, great working franchises. So what can we learn from them?

Well, one of the biggest lessons to learn from those successfully run businesses, as they are designed to be trained and taught to the lowest ability level. What does that mean? It means you don't need to be very smart in order to be able to run a successful franchise. McDonald's is a fantastic example. When you go to McDonald's, who serves you, who take your order, who prepares your food, who's running the place? Nine times out of 10, it's teenagers. It's really, really, really young people running it. Usually they work there. Usually they're managing it.

The whole thing is being run by teenagers and it's one of the most successful franchises in the world, making millions and millions and millions and millions every single day. So how does it work like that? 
The reason why works like that, because McDonald's franchise is designed to be simple, it's easy to learn how to do what you need to do in that. It’s all run on a system, not on a particular person, not on a particular personality, but on a system.

If you come to McDonald's and you start working at McDonald's, they'll tell you, “To make a burger, you put one dollop of ketchup, one dollop of mustard, three pieces of cucumber and so on.” Like there is no area for error. There's no way for you to mess it up because it's already so simple and as being trained to the lowest stability level, so they're not looking for the sharpest people in the world to work in McDonald's. They're just looking to anybody who will wear the hat and say, “Hey, McDonald's.” But that's the secret of a successful business.

So what can you learn? If you're running a home based business, if you're running a network marketing business, what can you learn from that? Well, what you should learn from that is learn to simplify your business because if your business is very complicated, then less people will succeed in it, then less people will stay in it, the less people will do anything. If I join your business and there is 67 steps to get started, oh my gosh, it's too difficult. It's too hard. If I have to learn the whole presentation, it's too difficult. It's too hard and so on and so on. So it has to be as simple as possible.

We train people, don't do the presentation. Never do the present. If you want to introduce somebody to the business, you either take that person and put them in front of your sponsor and they do the presentation, or you take that person and you put them in front of a video, but you don't do the presentation yourself. Why? Not because they couldn't do it, some people that join my team, they're better than me, they could do a presentation 10 times better than me, but that's not why I'm not allowing them to do it, the reason why I'm asking them not to do the presentation, is because if they do the presentation so well, the prospect will look at it and say, “Wow, I couldn't do that. That's too complicated, it’s too difficult. I could never learn all of that. So I'm out.” I don't want that to happen. So instead, I say to the person, “Hey, show them the video.” They show the video and the person sitting there thinking, “Hey, I could show a video. That's simple. That's not difficult.” This way, everybody can do it.

So the more simplified your business is, the more easy to understand it is, the more people will succeed and the more people will get the results in it. And that's where the duplication happens. That's where your business can scale and grow to huge, huge, huge, huge levels because it's not complicated. If you make your business complicated, less people will succeed in it. So that's the lesson from successful franchises.

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