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In this blog, I want to talk about leadership. Just very briefly, but hopefully you'll find it useful. So the title of this blog says leadership is a verb. What does that mean?

Leadership is not a status, is not a name or a rank you get given say, “Now you're a leader. So you can lead.” It's about the action is about the action of leadership. Are you actually leading people? If you want to be a leader, are you leading them? Are you showing them the way? That's really what leadership is all about? Leadership is not about you being a big boss at the top in your throne, giving commands to people and telling them what to do, that's not what leadership is about.

Leadership is about leading from the front, is about being somebody who's willing to do what they’re telling others to do. It's about being somebody who's willing to risk to look foolish, to embarrass themselves for the sake of getting the result so they can go and show the others, “Hey, look, I did that. That works. That thing, that doesn't work, but that one, it works because I did it.” That's what leadership is about. So if you truly want to become a leader that's not about you being recognized on the stage, that's not about you being some sort of a guru or a famous person, that's not what leadership, is about.

Leadership is about people, following what you're doing. People doing what you're doing, that's leadership. So when you start doing the things that you want your team members to do, that's when you become a leader. So you want your team members to recruit more, you go and recruit more, and you show that, you see, that's a very important thing too. It's not just about doing it, but it's about showing others that you're doing it.

So many of you, you're working in silence, like you're not telling people what you're doing, you're not showing your team, what you're actually doing. That's not leadership. A real leader, they do the action, and then they show their team, that they're doing the action. You know what I mean? That's what leadership is all about. So, you want your team members to sell more you go sell more, you want your team members to do more events, you go do more events, and you want anything to happen in your business, you go do that. That's what leaders do.

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