Lack of ORGANISATION vs lack of MEANING?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 Under: Personal Development

Today I wanted to talk about why you’re not doing your follow up in business and maybe why you’re not doing some of the other things in your business. 

So some of you are in the business and you’re not doing follow up, like you’re reaching out to people and then forget who you reached out to. You forget who you sent the video to. And some of you are using that excuse where you just go, “Well, I'm just not good at follow up. I just forget, you know, I’m not that organised. I don't write it down.” And hey, I know I used to say that same thing. But actually, you don't have a problem with being organised. What you have is a problem with is assigning the right meaning to that job. 

So if it was a live or die situation, if you knew that that person could become a rock star in your business and completely change your life, would you still not follow up with them? Probably you would, right? But because you assign a meaning that, “Oh, I don't want to bother them. Oh, I don't want to pester them. So I'm not going to keep messaging them.” And then you make that decision and you are not following up anymore, because you feel embarrassed, because you feel uncomfortable to keep messaging them because, you don't want to bother them.

But if you knew that you have a gift to give them, if you knew that your business can change their life, it can put them a year from now they could be in a completely different place, they could provide better life to their children that they could not even imagine. They could do wonderful things. If only they've used your business. If only they received that gift from you, then you would follow up, then you would call every single person and you'd call them 10 times if you need to, because you know, you've got something that will transform their life because that's the meaning you are assigned to. That's the meaning. 

Same way if you're not prospecting; if you're not speaking to that lady, you know, behind the till at TESCO if you're not talking that guy at the petrol station, if you're not talking to people at church, at your gym, at your work about your home based business is probably because you're assigned the wrong meaning to it. Maybe you're assigned the meaning, “Oh, they're going to laugh at me if tell them about my business. Oh they’re going to ridicule me over it.” That's the meaning you assigned to it. There's no freaking way that you're going to talk people about your business. But if you are assigned the meaning that I'm building an empire and this is going to transform my life, this is going to transform my family's life. I'm going to change hundreds and thousands of people's lives and I'm going to help people make more money, help people have better quality live, help parents take the kids to Disneyland, I'm going to help guys have their dream cars, I'm going to help girls have the dream Louis Vuitton handbags and Louboutin shoes and I'm going to transform lives. I'm going to change lives with this business opportunity. I'm going to speak to every single living soul that breathes, and then guess what; it's a very different meaning you assigned to it. Now all of a sudden, you become organised, all of a sudden you start following up, all of a sudden you don't forget who you sent the video to. All of a sudden, everything changes. Why? Because you assign a different meaning to it, because now it matters, now it's important to you. So if you haven't been getting results in business, if you haven't been getting results in other areas it's because of the meaning that you’re assigned to, not because you're not organised, not because you’re not disciplined, nobody was born organised, disciplined or charismatic or the best speaker or whatever. 

Well the reason why you’re not doing those things is because you haven't assigned an important meaning to it. Same way why sometimes you don't do things you're supposed to do is again is because of the meaning you assign. A meaning where I look at my vision of who I want to become, becomes a ruthless dictator to me. I picked that up from Ray Higdon. The vision of who I want to become is a ruthless dictator to me. What does that mean? It means when I don't feel like getting out of bed, when I don't feel like calling that one more person, when I don't feel like doing Facebook Live when I come home at nine o'clock at night, my vision of who I want to become grabs me and shakes me by the neck and says, “Get up and do it. Go do it!” Because the person you want to become would do that Facebook Live, the person you want to become would make that phone call, the person who you want to become would do that work. So the vision of who I want to become makes me do the work, the vision of who I want to become kicks me in the ass, the vision of who I want to become stops me looking for excuses, because again of the meaning I assigned to it. So assign the meaning to those actions that hey, if you want to respect yourself then you're going to do those things, if you want people to remember you for those qualities then you got to go and do that action, if you want to have that reputation of somebody who shows up, of somebody who goes big, of somebody who doesn't quit, of somebody who doesn't jelly fish, then you go and do those things, then you go and show them example, then you go and lead them from the front. That's the meaning you assigned to it! I hope this is making sense to you guys, I hope his will hit home for at least one of you and you'll go, “Hmmm that was my problem.”

That's really my message for you; so it's not about you not being organised, it's not about you being disciplined, it's about the meaning you assign to those actions, is about a meaning you assign to it. Once you assign the right meaning, it'll become much more simple, much more straightforward to you I promise.

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