Is your ENVIRONMENT Inspiring or Expiring You?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Monday, June 8, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about environment, is your environment inspiring you or expiring you? This is about environment and how the environment affects you. And you've probably heard these things that you are the sum of five people that surround you, the people that you spend your time with, affect you, but many people let this sort of fly and never take it really seriously into consideration. However, think about a fish.

Imagine a fish was living in a dirty bowl, the water was dirty. Do you think the fish would be healthy or sick? Now, of course, most of you will agree, well, of course the fish will be sick. The fish can't be healthy because it's living in the dirty ball. Well, that's correct. But you also live in your own environment, you're not living in a ball with water, you're living in your own environment. But if your environment is toxic, if your environment is bad, if the influence that you being affected is poor, how do you think it's gonna affect you? Do you think that's going to inspire you?

And one of the things I always talk about is rubbish in rubbish out, what sort of information are you allowing to enter your mind because you have to stand guard at the gate of your mind because if you let negative, toxic, bad information to bombard you all the time and for example, like about maybe eight years ago or nine years ago, I stopped watching news, reading newspapers and listening to news on the radio and I was still alive right like I haven't died. But why did I choose to do that? Because what is news full of? Negative, who killed who? Who robbed who? Where the riots are? Where’s this, that and the other?

It constantly is pumping fear, anger, negativity, pessimism into your head. Now if you allow this negativity, and if on top of that you have friends who are giving you negative information, other people, if you surround yourself with this toxic negative information all the time, what sort of person do you think you're going to become? A happy go lucky person who thinks they can conquer the world? No, of course not. You’ll become a person who says, “Yeah, what’s the point? The world is going to hell anyway, nothing is going to change.” That's the person you're going to become. So you have to on purpose, change your environment in order for your life to start changing.

Sometimes what's holding you back is your environment, it's what you surround yourself, it's what's you’re letting bombard your brain with. That's what's stopping you. That's what's keeping you trapped in that prison where you are right now. So if you want to change your life, think carefully, what's the environment? What am I feeding to my brain? What are the people I'm associating with? And very quickly, you'll realize how you can improve that.

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