Is your EGO stopping you from success?

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Is your ego stopping you from achieving success? Now, a lot of you probably think, “Well, I don't have a big ego, I'm not an ego person." But let me explain to you what is ego?

Ego is when you think you know, something, but your results prove otherwise? Let me repeat. Ego is when you think you know, something, but your results prove otherwise. So, I don't know how many people I've lost the count of how many people I met, especially in the business Arena in network marketing, in home based business who would say, “Well, I've read that book already. Oh, I've been to that trading already. Well, I know all of this already.” But they're not getting results. They're not making the money. So do they really know it or they just been to the training? They just read the book.

So there's a big difference between knowing and actually knowing. So I've met so many people who go, “Well, yeah, you know, I know all of this stuff. I've been to these training already. I've heard all of this before.” So why the heck are you not succeeding then? Why the heck are you not making the money? Why the heck are you not recruiting people? Why the heck are you not already successful person, if you know it already? Maybe you don't freaking know it, that's why you’re not receiving results. That's why you're not succeeding. That's why you’re not making money.

So just because you been to the training, it doesn't mean you know it, you know it when you’re using it and you’re getting results from it. So sometimes you have your mentors, or your leaders, or your sponsors, teach you same thing over and over and over again and you're going to be like, “Oh my God, why do they keep teaching the same thing? Oh, my God, why is it the same training all the time?” Because you're not freaking doing it. That's why it's the same training all the time, because when you start doing it, when you start applying it, then your mentor or your sponsor or your leader will say, “Okay, now we can move on to the next bit.”

So the ego is very often stopping people from success because they think, “Oh, I know everything already, I’ve been to this trainings, I understand how it works. Yeah, whatever. It must be something else, they must be not telling me some secret. There must be something.” And I've seen it so many times, somebody comes and says, “Well, what's the secret? What do I need to do to become successful in this business?” And you go, “Well, you need to do this, this, this, this and this.” “Okay. But what is the secret?” Like, “I just told you the secret, I just told you about the successful person does.” “Oh, yeah. But I still want to ask a question. I still want to go in.”

Like, just do it. Just apply what you just learned, right? But so many times you will see a person ask you the question, you give them an answer and then they go to ask the next person the same question. Why? Because they didn't like the answer they received. So very often, people who are not getting results, they are looking for the answer that they like. So when the answer is, “Hey, you need to roll up the sleeves and work hard.” They go, “Oh, okay, okay, I'll go and somebody else.” Because their ego is there and they cannot accept that it's not the company's fault, it's not the products fault, it's not the government's fault, it's not their parents fault, it's not their husband's fault, it's not their wives fault, it's not the kids fault that they not successful, is their own freaking fault. That's where responsibility comes in because we have to be responsible for our life, we have to be responsible for our success or failure that is.

So if you succeed, you're not going to succeed because of me, you're not going to succeed because of the company, you're not going to succeed because of the book you read, you're going to succeed because of you. And if you fail, same thing applies. So but that's the question. That's the question. Is your ego stopping you? Are you the person who knows it all? Because I work with some very, very successful people and I learned from very, very successful people, and even though they’re making tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands, and some of them millions even a month, guess what they do? They're constantly growing, they're constantly learning, they're constantly investing in themselves, they’re constantly going to events, they’re constantly buying courses and books, why the heck? They already made the money, they already got a huge teams, they’re already successful, why would they keep learning? Don't they know it all? Haven't they heard of it already? And they had every training, they’re every conference with a notebook taking notes. Stupid, isn't it? Maybe not.

You know what they say, “Success leaves clues.” So watch what successful people do. You will never ever, ever, ever hear a millionaire say, “I know all of that already. I heard it all before.” You'll never hear them say that but you will hear broke people say it all the time. “Oh, yeah, I read that book already. Oh, yeah, I’ve been into that training already. Oh, yeah, I’ve seen that guy before? Yeah, whatever, I know it all.” And they’re still broke. Hope you got the point? That's my tip guys!

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