Is Your Business PRIMARY or SECONDARY?

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I want to talk about your business, and whether its primary, or secondary.

I remember one of the training events I attended, and the trainer said, “Write down, where does your main income coming in from so your job, like the company name or whatever you're working for. And then next to that, write down your network marketing business, company name.” And he said, “Put a star next to the one that is your primary.”

So what is the main thing, and the other thing revolves around it. And of course, at that time, my main income was coming in from my day job, right from nine to five. So of course, I mark that. And of course, most people do that. And the speaker then went on to say that as long as your main job remains your primary focus, you will struggle to make it in your home based business. Now, there's an important distinction here. It's not about the amount of time you spend, it's not about quitting your job, so you could spend 60 hours a week working in your job, and 10 hours a week doing your business, but your business can still be the primary, you have to wrap your brain around it.

t's not about amount of time, it's not about, you have to quit your job in order to succeed in network marketing, or in order to succeed in your business, but it's psychologically, what is your primary thing? So I'll give you an example. Somebody might be working 40 hours a week as a customer service representative, but the dream is to become a comedian. So on their spare time, on weekends, and whatever, they'll go and do stand up comedy.

The main job, what's paying their bills is actually the customer service representative job, but their passion is the comedy. So they will spend every minute of their free time learning new jokes, will be spending time around other people who are into comedy, who like joke, sharing jokes, they will be going on weekends and performing and standing up on a stage and telling jokes because that's their primary objective.

Even though right now the customer service representative job is paying their bills, that's not their passion, that's not their primary focus, that's not what they associating their future with, their dream, their primary thing is the comedy even though they only spend a few hours a week doing that, and most of the week, they spent working in a job, you understand what I'm saying? And this million examples like that, somebody works as a bar staff but their dream is to become an actor.

Again, they might be working all week as a bar staff to pay the bills. But the dream, the passion is the acting. So they spend every free minute going to acting classes and meeting other actor friends and going auditioning for roles and things like that. You know what I mean? So your network marketing business is exactly the same way. Right now you might be a nurse, you might be a teacher, you might be an accountant, you might be a lawyer, you might be a doctor, you might be a warehouse operator, you might be a hairdresser, whatever it is that you're doing right now to pay your bills, it's totally fine.

But until psychologically, in your head, your network marketing business becomes your primary focus, you're not going to make it, as long as you’re compromising, as long as you do your network marketing business if you feel like it's after doing your day job, if there is enough spare time, and if you still have some energy, when it's convenient for you to do it, then you're not going to make it. You have to become obsessed by it, you have to become focused on it, spend every free minutes studying it, watching videos, attending trainings, meeting other people who are in network marketing, right? So you can share ideas, bounce off each other, etcetera, spend every minute showing your business to other people showing your products, doing as much of it as you can, and focusing on it.

Even if you are at your day job, like one of our leaders said, they said they were speaking to a team member and the team member said, “Oh, tomorrow, I can't do anything about the business because I'm going to work.” And she said, “Well, you don't leave your brain at home when you go to work, do you?” So even if you had your day job, doing your job, you can still be thinking, planning, strategizing your home based business, you know what I mean? So you do your day job to earn a living, but you do your business to make your fortune, you’re building your fortune.

So that's where it has to psychologically even though time wise, your job right now is the primary source of income, your business has to become your primary focus, your primary objective, that's what you should be associating your future with. That's what you should be investing all of your mental energy in, because that's the only way for it to pickup and start giving you twice more money than your job three times or10 times more, until it becomes a nonsense for you to keep going to that day job because you’re making more money part time in your business than you do full time in your job.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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