Is this MISTAKE costing you MONEY?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Thursday, November 19, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about this mistake that a lot of leaders are making that is costing them money. So what is this mistake?

Well, this mistake is criticizing a different way of building a business. And I've only seen it like a million times in network marketing. Each leader, you as a leader, I as a leader, we'll have our own little style, you'll have your own style on how you like to get sales, you'll have your own style on how you like to build your team. And that's probably the style you will be teaching to your team. But very often, some of your team members will learn and will start using different styles of selling or building the business.

I've seen many, like ‘traditional network marketing leaders’ from 20 30 years ago, who are old school and hardcore in live conversations with people, meeting people for a cup of coffee, doing home meetings and building the business that way. And then somebody comes into their team, a young person who says, “Oh, I just want to build online.” And they say, “No, no, no, you cannot build online, you're not allowed to build online, you can only do it the way we teach you.” That's the stupidest thing you could do as a leader.

Now, if that person tries their strategy, and it doesn't work for them, and it doesn't give them results, sure, you can always say, “Hey, try my strategy.” But very often, you'll find that your team members, will learn different strategies, will learn different ways of doing things from you, but they will still get results, sometimes even better results than what you getting using their own strategies.

Criticizing somebody’s different strategy of selling products, or building a team is just plain stupid. Because if your team member invested time, maybe even money to learn different strategies on how to build their business, build their team, get more customers, and you discourage them from doing it, and then end up quitting the business. Guess who it costs the money? You, that's right, it costing you the money, because they would have brought new sales, and they would have brought new team members in. But because you discouraged them, because you criticize them, they now stopped doing it, and now you're not getting those bonuses, you’re not getting that commission. It just doesn't make sense.

Like the saying goes, don't fix if it isn’t broken. If your team member says, “Hey, look, I want to try the strategy,” never go, “No, no, no, no don’t.” Unless, of course you did it and you know it doesn't work. But if you've never tried that strategy, don't discourage them trying it. Let them do what they do and see what happens. If they start getting results with it, just applaud and wish them luck.

If you see it doesn't work, then you can give them some advice, then you can try and correct them, then you can try and tweak their strategy to help them to get better results. But if what they're using is working, do not ever criticize it just because it's different from the way you're doing it. Because as a leader, you can never be the most clever in everything. You can never have the one strategy, because there isn't one strategy to build the business. There is hundreds of them. There isn't one strategy to sell products, there are hundreds of them.

If your team members are trying something different, just encourage them, just support them and let them do it because that's what's going to give them results. And guess what, people usually want to do the strategies that they feel good doing. You might have an incredible strategy of calling people over the phone, but that particular person might be scared of calling people over the phone and you forcing them to use your strategy, which they are scared to do instead of doing their strategy that they are comfortable doing is just killing your business, is just destroying your results. Never do that. If you don't do it, you'll see you will get better results.


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