Is SAFE a new RISKY?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Monday, January 27, 2020 Under: Personal Development

This question is about is safe a new risky. What do I mean?

Well, what I mean is comparison between being employed in a job and being entrepreneur and running your own business. So when we compare the two before, safe option was always having a job. When you have a job, you have a guaranteed salary, you have a guaranteed income, it's a secure place for you where you can work all of your life until you retire and it will pay you your pension and everything. So that was a safe option. And the risky option was building your own business, becoming an entrepreneur and all of that, but the more the times are changing, the more economies changing, the more I start realizing that the safe is the new risky because if you think about it, the days of you starting a job and working in that job from 16 years old, until you are 70 years old are gone.

Like most people don't get to work in the same job for that long because the companies are changing and things like that. So we always changing the jobs, etcetera, but more than that, the realization is that if you're an entrepreneur, if you're a business owner and you had a bad day, or you had a bad week, you can go, “Oh my gosh, this week was slow week, we didn't have enough sales, we need to do something.”

So you when things are not happening the way they're supposed to, you know when things are not going well in your business straight away, which means you can do something about it, you can act on it and you can fix the situation straight away, but if you're in a job and you're working for a million dollar a pound Corporation, the problem is that you don't even know when the things are going downhill. You know what I mean? So if you work as a little piece of that massive Corporation, nobody's going to come to you, the general manager is not going to come to you and go, “Oh, by the way, our sales haven't been great, globally, this quarter, we might be doing some cutbacks.”

No, what happens is, you get a letter, or you get a manager going, “Hey, unfortunately, we have to let you go.” That's when you find out that they are basically making people redundant, they're firing people, because it's already too late to change anything, because the company is so huge if they lost millions last quarter, it's game over, somebody has to go and a bunch of people get fired, a bunch of shops gets closed, a bunch of departments get downsized and so on, you know what I mean? So when you're an employee, you actually have no control. Even if you wanted to help the company, you can't, because you don't even know what's happening. If you're working as a cashier in testicles, you don't know what the global sales are; you don't know how the branch is doing. Nobody's even telling you that stuff. Until one day, they just come in as well. So are we closing the shop, and that's it, you're out of work.

So what used to be safe option now is becoming more risky. Because you don't even control your situation, you don't even know what's happening when you are part of big huge company as an employee. But when you are an entrepreneur, when you running your own business, at least you know what's happening, at least you're in control of, hey, I want to make more money, I need to make more sales, I need to work harder over the next week or month or whatever. So you’re controlling where your income is going you control and nobody can fire you. If you're running your own business nobody can come to you one day and go, “Hey, unfortunately, we have to let you go.” That can’t happen because you’re employing yourself you are in control of your business. You know what I mean? So if you're doing the work, you're driving your business, then there's no way why you should ever be at risk. So that's just a thought to think about.

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