Is it worth setting goals?

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I want to talk about is it worth setting goals? Maybe it's just a waste of time. What's the point? So I've got a very special guest on my life today. She's smart. She's beautiful. She's courageous. She's very, very picky when choosing men and has a very good taste; my wife, Rita. Hi Rita.

Hi everyone, and yes I am very picky.

Okay, so why do I have Rita when I'm talking about goals? So 
the reason why I have got Rita and the reason why I'm talking about goals is few years ago, you've set a goal. So how long ago, when was this goal set?

It was 2015.

2015. So it was almost four years ago, right? And you set a goal for what?

I set that goal, that in 2019, 6th of July, we will have a five bedroom house.

Right? So four years ago, she writes a goal that in 2019, we'll have a five bedroom house, guess where we are sitting now. We're sitting in our new five bedroom house.

Two weeks earlier.

But this is very slight if you think about it. When you think 
about setting a goal four years in advance, how precise is that? So you cannot imagine the power of setting goals. One, it's because of your subconscious mind. So you know, when you have the tip of the tongue effect, when you go, “Well, what was the name of that actor? It's just there, but I just can't say,” then you go, “Okay, whatever,” you know, later on and then like five minutes, 10 minutes later, you go, “Oh, Brad Pitt?” Do you think that just happened by accident? No. When you ask the question, your brain starts looking for an answer. And even if you stop thinking about it consciously, your brain keeps looking for an answer, keeps looking for a situation, keeps looking for conditions to fulfill your goal, right, so just writing a goal. Like I don't know how many times I heard successful people talk and say, “Like, 10 years ago, I wrote a list of goals, put it somewhere in the drawer, forgot about the completely. Now I'm sitting in my house, pull out the list. And it's literally everything on that list that has happened in my life,” you know what I mean? So it's incredibly powerful. But actually Rita took it sort of a step further, because she actually inserted her goal into her timeline. So can you tell us a little bit about that? How does that work?

Yeah, so it's a very powerful technique, timeline therapy. And 
it helps not only release negative emotions from your past and limiting beliefs, but also and even phobias. But also you can insert your goal in your timeline in your future. So that's what I did. And the goal, was already there. And you know, as well, I was sharing with Gediminas that last year, around this time, you know, I remembered that, “Oh, my Gosh, next year, it's my goal to have five bedroom house” And at that time, last year, we had no hope or something, opportunities that it will happen. And, you know, I started a little bit panicking like, “Oh, my Gosh, it has to happen,” So I spoke with my friend, Tatiana, if the time are you watching, I'm sending greetings to you, she's a coach as well. And she reminded me and she said, “Rita, it's already there, just relax, it's there.

So it's very powerful thing, you know, because, like they say, 
when you're writing your goals out, you should write them in a present tense, as if it has happened already, you know, so you should sit down and say, I am earning hundred thousand pounds a year, I own this car, I have traveled to blah, blah, blah destinations, you know, basically all of your goals, but sometimes it's a bit funny, when you're writing goals like that, because you'd like your brain is going. No, you did it. Because like you understand that you actually haven't got those things yet. Whereas, you know, inserting the goal in a timeline. It's almost your brain resists it less. Because what you do you travel through your timeline to a point in the future. So maybe it's a year from now, two years from now, five years from now. And you imagine your goal that already happened? And you planted in there. So your brain almost goes, “Well, yeah, that could happen. Like, there's a time until then,” and because you visualize and you feel what you would feel your brain knows, that could work. You know what I mean? And its super powerful guys, like, for example, athletes, you know, people who go for Olympics and things like that. They visualize doing whatever they do. So for example, if they run the race, they visualize in their mind time and time again, running this race successfully running this race successfully. And you know, the funniest thing, your brain doesn't know the difference between what actually happened, and what you visualized. So if you, for example, let's say you can't swim and you visualize swimming again, and again, and again, and again your brain is saying, well, that's not that hard anymore, because I done it five times, 10 times, you know what I mean? So like putting your goal in the future is like that. It's like you running the race before you run the race. You know what I mean?

And even yesterday, I was doing very similar topic in my group
Live as well. And just before, you know, I went on live, I was thinking actually, if I would need to take all exercises, all everything what I was doing visualization, positive thinking, gratitude, everything I've written, what would be the most, I would say powerful thing to achieve their goals. And what I remember that all my goals, which I achieved, even to be a nurse, write a book, house, husband, they already are.

Now, because she said about her husband, I just remembered a
post that Rita sister put on Facebook. And she said, “Before I got married, before I found my husband, I really prayed to have a handsome, good, kind, smart, hardworking,” and so like ideal Husband, she goes, "I got it, but my husband, he didn't pray. So he go whatever he got.” So that's just a bit of a funny joke that has to be inserted as well. So guys, that's setting goals is super powerful. Don't worry if you set a goal in the past and it didn't happen, universe, and God has its own ways as well, you know, but you just need to keep faith in the process and keep setting goals because they will happen for you. You don't know exactly when it is, you saw it happened two weeks early, it didn't happen on exactly when Rita planned it and it can be later too.

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