Increasing and Decreasing Interest Body Signs

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Monday, January 27, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about the body signs that show you when somebody is increasingly becoming interested in what you're talking about and also when they're not so interested.

First of all, let's start with increasing interest body signs. So let's say you talking about your business to somebody maybe you are doing a presentation, you explaining about your products, and your notice that they do this, which is leaning forward or they start nodding, if somebody leans forward or they are nodding game on ,that means what you are saying is interesting to them, what you saying has got their attention
  so keep doing what you are doing, keep saying what you saying because it's working.

The second increasing interest body sign is handling or reading visual aids. So let's say you came to do a presentation and you brought some catalogues or some brochures or some leaflets and if you see that your prospect is handling those leaflets they are reading intently that again shows you that they are interested, that they care about what you are going to talk about .These two other increasing interest body signs, now on the other side is decreasing so that shows you that the person is not interested. So first decreasing interest body sign is folding arms or looking at their watch. If you will be looking at the watch or folding their arms that's like a barrier they are building a barrier between you and them. So somebody sitting with folded arms having built a report yet they are not yet interested.

Sometimes in my experience, it happened to me a lot of the times when I come to somebody's home, and they are a bit defensive and as you are talking to them as you are doing the presentation as it starts getting more interested they unfold their arms and they lean forward that's a good sign. But if they do that, if you talk if they were like that, and then they did this as you're talking, it's not a great sign unless it's cold in Europe, sometimes it's the temperature because I have seen it before.

But otherwise, it shows that they are not interested at all and if they look at the watch that means like My God, how long is this going to take .The second decreasing interest body sign is when they are turning away. So let's say you're talking to them you sitting like that and then they turn in their seat, if they turn to the side that is it they are leaving the room, conversation psychologically, mentally, you need to change gears you need to stop doing what you're doing and change pace of the presentation start showing in a different way or whatever because they are not interested. These are the two tips increasing and decreasing interest hope you got some value from that. Use it pay attention, watch the person that you are presenting, see how they are reacting and know if you are doing a great job or not.

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