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Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Tuesday, July 14, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about a very important investment for a leader in network marketing. What’s the very important investment for a network marketing leader and that is an assistant.

At the beginning when you start your own business, obviously you do everything by yourself for yourself and you're not making any money at the beginning anyway, so you couldn't hire somebody even if you wanted to unless you have like a super good paying job and you're coming into network marketing and you can afford to straightaway hire assistant but 99% of people wouldn't be able to.

But once your business has got some traction, once your business started growing, and once you started making some money in your business, one of the best investments you can do for your business is to hire an assistant, to hire somebody who can do some of the work for you. Because as a leader, you have some great talents that you can use to make more money in the business, but if some menial work is taking that time away from you, then you can't do as much of the income generating activity, because you have to do all the stuff that is boring, that is simple, but nobody else can do that for you.

When you get an assistant, your assistant can take care of a lot of the things that anybody can do because in your business, there are things that only you can do, like maybe training your team, maybe running zooms, maybe doing the recruitment calls and things like that. That's the stuff that you need it for, but then there might be other things like sending emails, sending text messages, posting certain posts on social media and things like that, bunch of things that are very simple to do, and anybody could do, you don't have to do it for yourself. And you might say, “Oh, Gediminas, easy for you to say, but yeah, probably would cost a lot of money to have an assistant.”

Well, you'd be surprised, it doesn't mean you have to get a full time person who will be working 40 hours a week, being your assistant. At the beginning, you might get somebody who might be doing it part time, maybe an hour a day, a few hours a day doing certain jobs for you, and you can pay that person and use that time more productively to get the things done that you need to get done.

We have this mentorship program running now for Network Marketing Leaders. And this week, we had a call with our leaders and I've noticed that one after another after another of the of the big leaders who are making good money in network marketing and building real successful businesses say, “Hey, I've got an assistant and it helps me a lot, I've got an assistant, it helps me massively.”

So a lot of very successful leaders in network marketing hire assistants to make their life slightly easier so that some of the things can be taken care of by somebody else where they don't have to do it all by themselves. And I know it's challenging because one, as a leader, you believe that you do everything the best. And that's why very often you don't want to hire somebody or, you don't want to even let somebody do some of the things, because you think you could do better. And you know what, you probably right? You probably could send a better email to your team or to your customers, you probably could send a better text message to your team or your customers, you probably could do it better than your assistant would, but if you keep doing it yourself, then you will be doing it for the rest of your life.

Question is, do you want to have time freedom? Do you want to have choices? If you do, then eventually you're going to have to delegate some of the jobs that you do to somebody else. That's where your assistant comes in. So have a think about it. It may be the next big step for you in your business to get an assistant to take care of some of the things that you have to do every single day.

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