Ignorance of fire vs knowledge on ice

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Sunday, January 5, 2020 Under: Personal Development

Today’s episode is about ignorance on fire on knowledge on ice. So, many people think that they need to know a lot of things in order to have great results in business, but think about it, haven’t you noticed that very often, people who are brand new in business who just get started, they don't know much yet, but they get a lot of results.

Why is that? Because they’re on fire, when somebody gets into the business, when somebody gets started, their knowledge is down here, you can't even see it, but their excitement is up here. So they excited about using the product, they excited about telling other people about the products, they excited about showing people the business, and that's where they get a lot of results fairly quickly but the more they start learning, very often the slower their progress becomes. And a lot of people get into this, what we call a stage of being an information junkie. So they become a serial seminar attender, book reader, podcast listener, video watcher, but not much action.

So they keep going from training to training, from book to book, from mentor to mentor, from guru to guru, without actually applying what they're learning. And then the result, of course, is not great because if you've got a lot of knowledge, but it's on ice, it's not being used, it's being accumulated, then you're not going to get a lot of results. So do i mean that you don't need to go to trainings and you don't need to learn? Absolutely not, I constantly invest in myself. I'm constantly either reading books, or listening to podcasts, or going to events, to always learn what's going on, what's out there, what new technologies are there, what other leaders are doing and so on but one of the things I try to do from every training that I go to, I'm asking myself, what's one thing that I can apply?

What's one thing from this speaker that I can put in practice when I get home? What's one thing from this training that I can put in practice, as soon as the training is over? Ignorance on fire sometimes is better than knowledge on ice, or even better is knowledge on fire.

When you're brand new, don't worry about knowing everything, don't worry about knowing the ingredient of every product, don't worry about knowing the marketing plan from top to bottom, and don’t worry about knowing everything before you take action because if you have that mindset, you'll never take action. So just take action imperfectly, do the things imperfectly, but once you started learning, and once you started investing in yourself and doing the personal development, then every time you're attending a training, or you're reading a book, or you're listening to an audio, when you’re taking notes, mark the bits where you're going to take action on, so when I'm in an event and I'm taking notes, I'm always thinking, “Okay, what of these stuff I could teach others.” And I'm also always thinking, what from this stuff, I could put in action, what I could put in practice, as soon as I get back home, because I don't want to put that knowledge on an ice. I don't want it to just be laying there.

Somebody said at the recent trading, we had one of my leaders said, she said, “I used to do a business for a long time. But I did business in my head.” Which means she was not doing the business in reality, in the real world out there, she was doing it in her head? She was like, she's assuming that I'm doing the business but actually, she's not talking to anybody, actually she's not doing the business. So that's very, very important, not to allow this analysis paralysis, that you just keep going, “Oh my gosh, as soon as I do another course, maybe I can start acting and as soon as I do another training, maybe I can start doing my Facebook Lives. As soon as I do this, quadruple course, maybe I can start speaking to people.” Hey, look, you knew how to talk to people before network marketing.

I know when you’re joining network marketing; all of a sudden you forget how to communicate with human beings. But just remember, what did you used to do before network marketing and you'll be able to talk to people absolutely okay. One of the advice I give to people, recently we had a meeting and one lady said, “Look, I’ve moved to a new city and I don't know anybody there, how can I build business there?” And I said, “Well, imagine if you move to a new city, and you're not in network marketing, but you just want to get some friends, what would you do? You'd probably go and talk to people, you'd probably start conversations, you probably be in interested in those people and this way, you would gain new friends.

Well, guess what? Network marketing is not much different. Just go looking for friends and some of those friends will turn into your business partners too. But don't go hunting for people for your network marketing business. So it's all about that. It's all about taking imperfect action. It's all about being on fire because when you get on fire, people will come from miles away to see you burn.

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