If you can’t do the work without validation then you can’t do the work

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This topic says if you can't do the work without validation, then you can't do the work. And it is a serious topic and for some of you may not be a nice one to hear, but I'm going to tell you that anyway. So what does it mean?

Well, what it means is that there's a lot of people who can’t do the work unless they being patted on the back. Well done, well done, unless they being cheered on, unless somebody is watching, unless somebody is holding them by the hand, they can’t just go and do the work. They can’t just go and be self disciplined, self motivated. I remember somebody saying that most adults are like walking around with their umbilical cord in their hand waiting to plug in somewhere. Like they can't do it off of themselves, they have to find somebody to hand hold, they have to find somebody to babysit them, they have to have find somebody to pat them on their back, well done, well done, keep going, keep going. But if they don't get that, then they don't do the work.

And that, if it sounds like you, you should be struggling to build a big business, because if for you to get out of bed in the morning and to do something, you need somebody to be there cheering you on, if for you to do the basic business activities, you need somebody there to be cheering you on, then you will struggle to build a huge business because, hey, support is not guaranteed. It’s great if you have support, it's great if your family supports you, it's great if your friends support you, it's great if your work colleagues support you, but that's not required. Like, there's a lot of people who achieved big things in life and nobody supported them. When they first got started, nobody was supporting them. Nobody was cheering them on, they still did the work, you know what I mean?

So, at the end of the day, your dream is yours to carry across the finish line. You know what I mean? You may have people with you, you might have people with you, you may have people supporting you, you may not, you may have people recognizing you, you may not but it is yours to carry across the finish line. So, understand that motivation doesn't come from somewhere else. Like a lot of people understand motivation in a wrong way where they go, “I need to get motivation, I need to get motivation.”

Motivation comes from within. It's like a power plant doesn't have energy inside of it. A power plant generates energy. So you are like that power plant. You don't have to have motivation inside of you. You need to generate motivation. So you need to find ways how to generate that energy, how to generate that motivation to throw yourself out of bed in the morning, to throw yourself at the income producing activities every single day, to do all of the things that you need to do in order to succeed. They say discipline is doing things you need to be doing after the initial excitement has gone.

Everybody when it's a new job, when it's a new relationship, when it's a new business, everybody's excited to do things, but what happens few months down the line? What happens few years down the line? Are you still going to be as motivated? Are you still, because if you need somebody to be standing near you and saying, “Hey, keep going, keep going, keep going.” Then you're going to fail because one day, there's not going to be anybody standing there cheering you on, one day, there's not going to be anybody there helping you out.

But if you are self-motivated, if you're generating that energy every single day by yourself, by thinking about your vision, by thinking about your mission, by thinking about your goals, then you don't need anybody to be standing to cheer. If they're there, it’s awesome. But if nobody's cheering you on, you don't really care about it. You just keep going on your mission. If there's somebody there supporting you, and helping you, awesome, but if they're not there you go and figure it out. You know, like one of the biggest rules for becoming a great leader, for becoming a great problem solver is not to ask first.

A lot of people are lazy to think, are lazy to do the work for themselves, so they just ask, but what about that, however this, can you tell me this? When they could have gone and looked for the information, when they could have gone and learn how to do that, they’ll ask first and that trains your mind to be lazy then, to be lazy not to look for information, to be lazy not to do the work. You know what I mean? And same way with this, if you have to be validated all the time again, you’re training your mind to be lazy, because then the day you wake up, and your sponsor is not quoting you, and you lead is not motivating you, you go, “I'm not going to do the work today, because my sponsor hasn't called me because my leader hasn't sent a motivational quotes today.” You know what I mean?

It's ridiculous. It's your business. It's your future. It's your destiny. It's your dreams. Why the hell would you need somebody else to motivate you to go for your dreams? Doesn’t make any sense. Like, “Oh, I quit this business because I didn't get any support.” What? So you quit going for your dream because nobody supported you? Who cares? It's your dream. You have to figure it out. It's like Tony Robbins. He says,
“There is no lack of resources in this world. But there is lack of resourcefulness.”

So like there's no lack of money in this world. Like if you took all the money in the world and divided equally to everybody. Everybody would be a millionaire. And again, somebody else said if you didn't divide all the money equally few years down the line, the money would be back to people where it was initially it just the way that's right, because but there's no lack of money. There's no lack of people. Like some people thinking this lack mentality, “There's not going to be enough customers for everybody. There's not going to be enough.” There is 7 billion people on this planet, you're not going to run out. You know what I mean? So it's just about you going and chasing it, and you becoming resourceful, and finding ways how to access that money, how to access those people, how to access more.

So it’s not lack of resources, it’s lack of resourcefulness. If you're not making progress in your business right now, if you're not making money in your business right now, if you're not recruiting right now, it's not because there's no people around. It's not because nobody buys the product. Because always ask yourself, well, as soon as you start throwing yourself a pity party, ask yourself a question. Is there other people in my company making money selling products? If the answer is yes, then the product is not a problem. Second question is there other people in this company recruiting and building big teams? If the answer is yes, again, it's not the company. It's not the opportunity.

Guess what is the common denominator? You are, right. So if you succeed is because of you, but if you fail, guess what? Is because of you, right? And it's like, you know, so many people don't get this, like they jump from one thing to another, they do different things and they just blame everything around them. You know, it's my sponsors fault. Oh, it's the company’s fault, it’s always the products but it isn't. It is up to us, you know what I mean? So that's my wish for you that you become a self-sufficient person, you become a self-motivating person, you become a self-driving force that nobody and nothing can stop.

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