If you’re NOT taking ACTION then you’re not allowed to COMPLAIN!

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Thursday, November 19, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I want to talk about complaining. The title of this blog post is if you're not taking action, you're not allowed to complain. Why do I say that? And why is it important to talk about it?

Well, what I found from experience, and I've been in home based business for the last 10 years, and what I found from experience, that people who complain the most are usually people who do the least, because think about it, if you're an action, if you’re talking to people every day, if you messaging people every day, if you doing presentations every day, if you're producing content every day, you don't have time to complain, you don't have time to moan. But people who are complaining usually are the ones who are not taking enough action.

Sometimes I get people say, “Oh, social media doesn't work. Oh, I've tried social media, nobody's buying, nobody's joining the business.” And I go, “Well, how many messages have you sent?” “Well, I sent like, five.” “What! When you do 1000, then let's talk. If you did five, there's nothing to talk about.” I used to study psychology, and when they do research, they have to get a certain sample size. They have to speak to enough people or have enough participants in the research for it to be valid. If there's not enough participants in the research, it's invalid, it's not big enough sample size. Same way in your business, if you've done three videos, and you quit, then that's not enough. You can't measure whether social media works for you or not if you did three videos, if you send five messages. A good example is 1000.

Once you sent 1000 messages, if nobody want to join, let's look at it. Something's not right. If you did 1000 videos and nothing is working, like nothing is happening, then let’s examine, maybe something is wrong. But before then, don't complain. You don't have the right to complain, do the bloody work, do the action. When you do every single day consistently, day after day after day after day, I promise you, I can almost guarantee you will start getting results. You start killing it and you'll say, “Ah, that's what was missing.” Consistency, doing the work was missing, not the thing doesn't work because to be quite honest with you, almost anything will work for you. You want to call people, call people, you want to message people, message people, you want to do advertisement, do advertisement, almost anything will work if you do it long enough, if you do enough of it, if you do enough numbers.

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