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Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Tuesday, February 25, 2020 Under: Personal Development

This topic is about, I will help you build your business, and everybody wants to hear that, everybody wants somebody to come in and rescue them.

Everybody wants somebody to come in and build the business for them. And I hear that very often when people are in network marketing, they say, “Oh, I don't have a very good sponsor.” And I say, “Well, so what? It’s not like your sponsor is going to build your business for you. Even if you had a great sponsor, your sponsor wouldn't build a business for you.” So what most people would like to hear from the sponsor is this, “I will help you build your business.”

How many of you would like to hear that from your sponsor? I will help you build your business. All of us want that. And I also say that to my team members, however, I do a slight correction, so you see the sentence, all I do, I just place a comma. I just put a comma, and I put the comma right here. What does that mean? It means, “I will help, you build your business. I will help, you build your business.” I can't build your business for you. Can I? All I can do is I can help you and I can support you, but you will have to build your business.

You're not going to be on your own, you will be supported, but nobody can build your business for you. You have to be the one building the business. If you put your foot on the gas, your sponsor will put the foot on their gas, if you put in the work, your upline leadership will put in the work as well. But if you don't do anything, you could have the best company in the world, with the best product in the world, with the best sponsors in the world, you would still fail, you would still make no money because nobody can help you unless, you build your business.

Your sponsor can help, your company can help, your upline leadership can help, but you build your business. That's the key. If you take responsibility, if you take charge of your business, then nobody can stop you, understand that, because as soon as you find excuses, as soon as you find, “Oh, I don't have a very good sponsor, oh my company's marketing plan is not that great, oh my product is too expensive.” When you blame somebody or something, you’re actually giving your power away. So you no longer control what's going to happen because you’re blaming somebody, that means that person or that situation has the power.

But when you take responsibility and you say, “You know what, I can do whatever I want, I can achieve success. I can build my business. I can succeed no matter what.” Now you've got the power. Now you can do that, nobody can stop you from success. Nobody can prevent you when you have that attitude. And that's what I wish for you, for you to take that charge, to take the responsibility, to take that empowerment in yourself and say, “You know what, I can do whatever I want, nobody can stop me.” And that's true, because nobody can stop it.

The only person who can stop you, is you. So if you make a decision, if you make a commitment to grow your business, then nobody can stop you, you can fall flat on your face, you can fail again and again, but the only way to truly fail in business is if you stop doing it. So if you don't stop doing it, you keep going. And that's really what's so cool about it because you cannot fail, you cannot fail. It’s so, so awesome.

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