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I want to talk about having more followers or maybe having not enough followers. I hear this quite a lot, especially the more we building business on social media, the more you hear this.

A lot from people will be, “Oh, I don't have enough followers. There is not enough people liking my posts and commenting and sharing on my post. There is not enough people following my videos.” What I'm about to say, you may not like it, but it may be true. You need to ask yourself, maybe you are not worth following. I know that's not the nicest thing to say, but it's all about demand an offer.

If what you're showing, if what you're sharing, if what you're posting is not interesting, then not many people will follow you. Not many people will like your posts, comment on them and share them. Social media, like a lot of people do social media, just so that I can make a take that out, that's done. I've posted enough pictures, I’ve did this, that and the other. The idea is to do this on purpose.

Before posting anything, whenever you're posting anything, you need to ask yourself a question. Why am I posting this? Is this going to make somebody laugh? Is this going to inspire somebody? Is this going to educate somebody? Is this going to motivate somebody? Will somebody be better off after seeing my post than before seeing my post? Will this post give value to somebody?

Because if your posts are not giving any value, they're not inspiring anybody, they're not motivating anybody, they're not educating, then why would I follow you? Why would I keep coming back to watch your posts? Why would I keep coming back to watch your videos? Why would I like comment, or most importantly, why would I share it with my friends if it's worthless, if it's boring, if it's not interesting, if it doesn't give any value? I'm not saying, hey, you should never post anything, like any family posts, anything at all. That's not what I'm saying. But what I'm saying is if you want more followers, if you want more people to like, comment and share your stuff, then you need to start providing some sort of value.

There’s different kinds of value. It can be entertainment. Maybe you're super funny. Or maybe you can sing, or maybe you can dance, or maybe any one of these. Go for it. Like do that on your social media. That's going to get some viewers, that's going to get some shares and likes and comments. That's awesome.

It's just from my experience. Most people are not that talented. I've got two left legs, so I can't dance. I only sing in the shower. And I'm not that funny either. I'm not going to entertain because I know that's not my forte. That's why I choose education. And I, for 99.99 people, I will recommend to go that route of educating because it's much easier to educate somebody than to entertain somebody. Because to entertain, you have to have some sort of a talent, to educate, you don't need a talent. All you need to do is share useful information. Maybe it's tips, maybe it's advice, maybe it's quotes, maybe it's videos, maybe it's whatever, there's just so much you can share in terms of education where somebody might, by seeing your posts, they might get educated about health, they might get educated about nutrition, they might get educated about sales. There’s like a gazillion topics that you can share.

These topics could be to do with your products that you sell, these topics could be to do with the business opportunity that you offer, or these topics could be to do with your likes, hobbies, interests, and things like that. You might be super into sports, you might be sharing stuff that will be interesting to sports people, you might be super into nutrition and health, and you might share dishes, recipes and things like that. There’s just like, unlimited amount of different things, how you can give value to people.

But I would say every post think, how will this pose give value to somebody? Why would somebody share this post? Why would somebody like or comment on this post? In order for you to get followed by more people, in order for you to get more influence, in order for you to get famous on social media, you need to give some sort of value, and the more of that value you can give, the quicker your audience will grow, the more influence your gain. Very often is not to do with algorithm, is not to do with any other things, is just about the quality of your content.

And secondly, you have to have some patience, right? It doesn't happen overnight. This video is like, what is it? 514 or something? I'm losing the count of these videos. For the last 514 or so days, I went live every single day, like every single day with the tip, with an advise, with something and right now, six people are watching this.

Now you might say, “Oh my God, that's a waste of time. This guy’s been doing a video for a year and a half and nine people are watching it right now. Are you serious? Shouldn’t you have millions of fans right now?” It doesn't always work that way. It doesn't always happen how you want it to happen. It doesn't always happen on your time schedule.

But there is one thing that you have to understand. When you're committed, when you make a decision to do this thing, you don't quit after three days, you don't quit after two weeks, because if you want to destroy your following, if you want to reduce your following, become inconsistent, become irregular, then you'll struggle to get results on any social media, whether that's Facebook or Instagram or LinkedIn.. But if you become regular, if you become consistent, you will start building that audience. But don't expect to be Kardashian next week. Don’t expect to put your breakfast sandwich on Facebook and get 500 likes and comments on it. It's not going to happen that fast. I can tell you that.

Patience again, it's a big thing when it comes to building your audience on social media because people need to get used to you, people need to see that, wow, this person always give some value, always give some useful stuff. And so it's going to take some time for you to get those results. But what else is new? If you get a job, is it quick you go up the ladder. Not quick. If you go on the street and start shouting, is going to be quick? Again, that might not be quick. Any strategy takes a bit of time, so will social media, if you want to get like proper, serious results. It’s going to also take some time. You have to be patient with this thing, and keep doing it even when it looks like you're not getting results, even when it looks like it's waste of time.

I'm going to give you a quick example. I've been doing Facebook Lives for the last 500 or so days, every single day, and I've been uploading videos on YouTube for the last 10 years. And guess what? Most of my videos don't get that many views, they don't get that much attention. And you may think, well, that's a waste of time then, why the hell are you doing that? But about six months ago, somebody reaches out to me and says, “Hey man, I've been watching your videos. They're quite useful. I'm interested in joining this company. I want to join your team.

Well, that'd be okay.” That lady joins my team.” Last month, she hit amaranth orchid level, built a team with over 100,000 in volume. The video she saw was a video uploaded about three years ago. Was it worth to upload that video? Um, one plus two, carry one. Yeah, it was worth it. You never know when the result will come. But if you're not patient and you stop doing it, if you quit on yourself, then you'll never see that result. keep doing it. Even if at the beginning you don't see much worth, if you don't see much value and it looks like you’re investing a lot of time and building up your social media. Keep doing it, be patient with it, and the results will come. I promise you that.

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