I broke my leg

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Tuesday, January 28, 2020 Under: Personal Development

This blog says I broke my leg. Don't worry, I didn't actually break my leg, but I'll explain to you why I titled the blog that way.

Because imagine if I did break my leg. Imagine if I did, actually my daughter just broke her arm about a week ago. So Imagine if I did break my leg and now I've got a broken leg and I go to my neighbour, and I go, “Hey, I've got a broken leg. Can you help me? Can you help me? I've got a broken leg.” What would my neighbour say? Well, I can't help you. I mean, or maybe he would give me advice of what to do. But either way, is my neighbour qualified to give me advice on broken leg? Probably not, maybe I should go to my sister in law and say, “Hey, I broke my leg.” Could they help me with a broken leg?

Chances are they couldn't. Maybe I should go to other friends or family or work colleagues, “Hey, I broke my leg. Can you help me?” And what should I do if I broke my leg? Well, the chances are if I broke my leg, I should go to a doctor because doctor knows what he's doing. Doctor is competent and can solve my problem. If I broke my leg, the doctor will be able to solve my problem, he is qualified to give me advice on my situation. Now those of you joining in don't want to I didn't break my leg, but I'm using it as an example.

Now, that's common sense. Like everybody gets that, like, what are you talking about Gediminas? Of course, if I broke my leg I’d go to a hospital or go to a doctor, it wouldn't make sense to speak to anybody else about it, to speak to my friends, family or work colleagues about it. It wouldn't make sense. I agree. But then when it comes to people being exposed to business opportunities, very often somebody sees a business opportunity, a way to become an entrepreneur, way to earn some money, and guess who they go to talk to.

They will talk to their family, to their friends, to their work colleagues, other people who have no clue about business. Because all of those people are in jobs, they haven't got their own businesses so they can't really give that person advice on how to do business, or whether to do business or not because they're not qualified. Same way like if I had a broken leg, and I would go to my neighbour, and I would go, “What should I do?” And my neighbour goes, “Put some custard on it. Or maybe strawberry jam, yeah, it definitely going to help.” Well, that's the level of advice you can expect when you go to somebody who's not qualified to give you advice in that particular field.

The same way, when people get exposed to business opportunities, they usually ask the advice of the wrong people, of people who never done business before people who are not qualified to give advice in that particular topic. So why am I telling you this? Because most of you who are watching my videos, you're already in business, you're already running your own home based business. So why the heck am I telling you.

The reason why I'm telling you this is because you, you have to vaccinate your prospects. What do I mean vaccinate? Well, you know how you get a vaccine like a flu shot. So that flu shot is what? It's a small amount of the actual virus that makes you immune so that when you actually come across the virus, you don't get sick, right?

Same way, you have to vaccinate your prospects. So if you talk to somebody about your business, and you do a presentation to them, and they, whether they decided to join on the spot or not, before they leave, you have to tell them that if you go to ask for somebody for advice, ask somebody who is qualified, who has a business of their own, who understands business, so they can advise you.

And also there will be a lot of people who will try to advise you who are not qualified in this particular thing, who have never had a business before who have never run a business of their own, but they will be the first ones to advise you so just I'm just warning you before you leave. You know what I mean? What this does it vaccinates this person.

So now when they go home or when they go to work and when some people start telling them all this is not going to work now this is rubbish, oh yeah, it's all they just go, “Yeah man, you’re not qualified to give me advice on that. You don't really understand this because you have the same job as I do. You're not a business person. So you shouldn’t and you can't really be giving me other advice,” you know what I'm saying? So this way you are protecting your prospects from being talked out of taking the opportunity by people who are not qualified to give them the advice.

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