How to use FBI in your business?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Thursday, March 14, 2019 Under: Personal Development

So today I wanted to talk about FBI. What does it stand for? Well, it stands for FEATURE-BENEFIT-INCENTIVE. You see, the mistake a lot of network marketers do is that they try to sell what it IS and that's the worst thing that you can sell. Like, whether you sell insurance or if you sell cosmetics or if you sell weight loss food supplements, or whatever it is, if you just sell what it is, nobody wants it, nobody's interested. So the biggest mistake to do is to try to sell your product by selling what it is. A really great example is drill and drill bits. Nobody buys a drill because they want a drill, people buy a drill because they want a hole in the wall.  So people buy the drill, that's what it is, but what they want is actually a hole in the wall and that's what he DOES. 

So when you think about, whether you doing Facebook Lives about your products, whether you talking to people, whether you putting adverts about your products, think more about the BENEFIT what it DOES, then about the FEATURE, what it IS, so people might say “Woo, I want to sell this weight loss food supplement, it’s tablets, it’s sachets, its blah, blah, blah. That's how you use it, etc.” That's what it is. Nobody cares about your tablets, or your pills, or your shakes or whatever, that's what it is. Everybody understands what weight loss product is, it's meant to, you take it and you lose weight. That's what it is. What you want to do is talk about what does it do. So that's the benefit. And we'll get to incentive in a minute. So feature benefits incentive. 

So instead of going, “Hey guys, I've got some tablets that if you use you can lose some weight.” That's what it is, tablets, instead, you want to go, “Are you looking to lose weight? Are you looking to get in a shape of your life? Are you looking to...?” That's what it does, but then you can take it a step further. Then you can take it a step further. So instead of just going, “Hey, this is what it is and this is what it does.” You go into incentive. So feature benefit incentive, feature is what it is, benefit is what it does and incentive is a deeper level. So, let's say you selling a face cream, a face serum that makes your skin lovely, so instead of going, “Hey, guys, I've got some face cream it’s £5,99, buy it from me.” Instead you want to go, “Well, this is a an amazing face serum, but what it does, it makes your skin look 10 years younger and when you go to that school reunion, everybody will be asking you, how do you look so young?” Does that make sense? 

Here's the food supplement. It helps you to lose weight so that when your ex sees you, he'll be jealous, he'll want to get you back. Here's the vitality supplement that when you use, it's going to make you more energetic, so you have more energy to play with your grandkids and to keep up with them and to run around with them, etc. Does that make sense? So, feature, benefit, incentive, what you want to talk to people about is, what does it do and how it's going to benefit them. What's the incentive of using that product? What's the deeper level benefit for them? Nobody wants to buy tablets, but everybody wants to have a better shape, everybody wants their friends to complement them how great they looking, everybody wants to look great in photos, everybody wants to... You get what I'm saying. So that the idea, feature, benefit, incentive. Stop selling what it is because people will go like, “So what can I talk about my Facebook Lives, five reasons to use food supplement for weight loss, what you should know before using food supplements for weight loss and things to do when you're using food supplements.” Like, that's just boring, but if you think about who are my potential customers, who are the people who might be using it, who let's say I'm selling a food supplement that gives you better vitality and more energy, so then I think, okay, who would want to use this or maybe grandparents would like to use this food supplement. Why? Because they want to play with the grandkids, keep up, have loads of energy, etc.

So then I might do a Facebook Live on 10 tips on how to be a great grandparent. I'll just Google like 10 tips for being a great grandparents and there's going to be loads of tips and I'll go through the 10 tips and I'll go at the end, I’ll go, “Hey, and by the way, if you’re grandparents and you want to be a better Grandparent, you probably also want to have more energy, and I found a way how you can really have loads of energy as a grandparent, drop me a private message, I'll be more than happy to share some information with you.” Does that make sense? 

So think about what do your products do and who are the people who would like to get those benefits and those incentives from those products and then do the Facebook Lives for them, do your posts for them, do the group posts for them, does that make sense? So that's really about feature, benefit, incentive. Stop selling what it is and focus on what it does and why would people want it, where would that lead, what sort of pleasure would it give to them having that product or having that service in their life. Hope this makes sense guys. 

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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