How to turnaround NO’s into YES’s in Network Marketing?

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Monday, October 8, 2018 Under: Personal Development
Have you ever had anybody say NO to you when you presented them with your network marketing business opportunity? Have you ever had anybody who has never got back to you even after you have followed up with them? Well today I would like to share with you a strategy how you can continue following up with them and maybe even change that NO into a YES.

It's called UPDATE + DEFLECTION. And here is how it goes. So firstly you want to give a positive update to that person about your business, maybe you have qualified for a free holiday, maybe a car, maybe you reached new rank or something positive that happened in your company, perhaps somebody else qualified for a holiday, car, new bonus cheque, or perhaps there is a new product that was introduces, or a customer had a great experience with your product. The second component is deflection, which is you letting them know that this business is not for them and you understand it.

So here a few examples:
"Hey Joe, hope you are well, look I know this business is not a good fit fo you but I just qualified for a free cruise with my company and I am just curious if you know anyone who loves traveling and would like to earn extra income on the side?"
"Hey Mary, hope you are well, look I know you're not interested in my business opportunity but we just had Lucie who lost 15 pounds in three months, I'm just curious do you know anyone who would like to loose some weight and earn a side income at the same time?"

This approach is super cool, because it lets them off the hook right away by saying "hey I know it's not for you" but then teases them with something positive that might actually influence them into taking another look at your business. You could do this Update+Deflection every other month over long periods of time until something changes in that persons life and they decide to join your business.

Here is a video where I go in a little more detail:

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