How to sort your leads on messenger

Posted by Gediminas Grinevicius on Wednesday, April 8, 2020 Under: Personal Development

I wanted to share a quick strategy on how to sort your leads on messenger.

Basically today I heard one of my leaders use the strategy and I thought, whoa, that's actually quite clever. When you start building your business on Facebook, you're reaching out to a lot of people on messenger and sometimes you're losing track of who is who, who you spoke about what.

What some people are doing actually, which is quite clever, you know how on Facebook Messenger you can set the colour of the chat. It has a standard colour for me it's blue, but then you can change the colour of the chat into red, pink, yellow. What some of the people in the business are doing, they’re basically sorting the conversation by colour, if somebody is a yes, if they’re joining the business, if they’re interested in the business, they mark one colour, for example, blue or green.

If somebody is a maybe, and they still thinking about it, they're not quite sure about it, they mark that chat yellow. And if somebody says no, they're not interested, they mark that chat red. Then later on when you go through your chats, it's easier to find who is who by the colour of the chat, this way you know who to follow up with and who to talk to and who to follow up later and so on. I thought it was a quite genius idea, quite a clever idea to sort your conversations.

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