How to set new team members EXPECTATIONS?

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I wanted to share with you how to set your team members expectations, because one of the worst thing you can do, is not set the expectations right.

Because if somebody joins and they expect to make a million next week, if they expect to do nothing, but we have really great results, then they’re already setting themselves up for failure and they will be disappointed, they will quit your business and they are also going to say that, “Ah the business doesn't work or the industry doesn't work.” But that's not because it doesn't work but because you haven't really set their expectations right. So once somebody decided to join your business, you should have what we like to call an
on-boarding call.

So it's a conversation with a team member, to help to validate their decision, to set proper expectations, and to go through the Getting Started checklist. So I'm not going to go through all of that today, I'm only going to go through setting their expectations. What should you cover and how should you set their expectations right? And by the way, this training is, I learned most of the stuff from a guy called Eric Worre. Eric Worre is a legend in network marketing and I've learned so much from him. So credit where credit is due.

First step in setting the expectations right, it's setting your team members expectations is to explain to the person that success or failure is up to them. So eventually, if they're going to succeed in your business, it’s not because of you, it's not because of your company, it’s not because of your products, it’s because of them. But if they're going to fail, it's also true the same way. So it's also going to be down to them. And asking that person, “Hey, do you understand that?” Because in our company, we have people who become very successful, and we have people who don't become really successful. So it's the common denominator, it’s the person, it's not the company's, it’s not the product. So do you understand that success or failure is down to you?

Number two, is your greatest gift to your new person is independence. So if I'm speaking to you, my team I would say, “Hey, the greatest gift I can give you is independence.” Because I want to help you to become an independent business person; I don't want you always need me, to always hold me by the hand, always be plugged in with the umbilical cord, right? I want you to become an independent person, where you’re making money without me being there, you don't need me to make money, to become successful. Would you agree with that? That that's the greatest gift I can give you as a new person? Yes, I agree. Great. We can go from there and I like when they write that sentence,
I will help. You build the business. So I will help, you build the business. So the person has to understand that.

Next in setting the proper expectations is there's going to be ups and downs. This business is quite emotional business, it will be very different from most other businesses that you've ever done, or most jobs that you ever done. In this business, we have ups when you’re excited when you’re fired up, when you’re rocking and rolling. And we're going to have some downs when you don't feel that well, when you're not that excited. And how do I know you are down? I have to call you, you're not calling me, you're not coming to trainings, coming to meetings, you're not buying any products, you’re not recruiting anybody, and you basically stopped the activity.

Now, when you're down, do you want me just to let you go, just to forget about you? Or would you like me to remind you why you got started in the first place? Guess what the new person will say, “Of course reminded me.” But now they’ve given you the permission to have that conversation two, three, four, five, six months down the line when they stop their activity, when they stop doing the business, when they stop recruiting, when they stop selling, when they stop using the products. It gives you the permission to give a call to that person and go, “Hey, Alice, remember seven months ago, we had this conversation, now it's the time I'm calling you, what's happening? Do you want me just to let you go? Do you want to get back fired up into the business?” You know what I mean? Now you have the right to make that call.

Next is it’s going to take time. Hey, look, you know, judging on your goals, you said you want to make this much money, you said you want to reach this level, it’s going to take some time, do you understand that, it's not going to be an overnight success, it’s going to take time and depending on their goals, for some of them, it might be months for some it might be years until they get to that type of income or that type of level. So do they understand that? And if they go, “Yes, I understand that.” Great. Now you’re setting the right expectations.

Next, it’s going to take some work. You know, it's not one of those things where you do nothing and then you become a millionaire. You know, it's going to take some work; actually, our industry is called network marketing.

It's not called net sit marketing, net hanging around marketing, net don't just quit marketing. It's called network marketing for a reason, right? Because we have to put in the work but what else is new? Can you become successful in your job without putting in the work? Can you become successful in any other business without putting in the work? Can you become actually in any area of your life; in fitness and relationships without putting in the work? You can't! So this is no different. You're going to have to put in some work. Do you understand that? Are you prepared to do that? Yes, good. Let's continue.

Next, it’s going to take some growth, you're going to have to develop some skills. Because a lot of your skills that you had in your job, or you had in different kind of business, a lot of those skills will not be applicable in this business and you will need to learn some new skills. Are you prepared to learn? Are you open to learning? Are you one of those people who think they know it all? So now when you invite them to the training, they're not going to go, “I don't need any training I’m awesome.” They will go, “Yeah, I'll come,” and we have a very good system, tell, show, try, do.

So I tell you what to do, then I show you what to do, then you try doing it with me watching you do it and then finally, once you’re really good at it, you just do it. You don't need me anymore. That's the goal; the End Game is for you not to need me there. For me to become irrelevant, where I’m not required for your success, I’m not required for you to make money. I'm not required to be there for your business to grow. That's the end game.

Next it’s going to take some focus, guess what, you’re now excited about your new network marketing business. Awesome. But guess what, as soon as your friends and you know people around you catch the wind, then you’re in network marketing, guess what's going to happen, you're going to get bombarded by offers of other network marketing businesses, because they'll go, “Oh, my gosh, she's in network marketing, oh let me show her my product. Let me show her my business.” And guess what each and every one of them will look better than the other one.

So you can't get distracted. I've never seen an Olympic medallist picking up a medal for skiing and he's also competing in the swimming, it doesn't work like that. I've never seen brain surgeon who also works as an electrician, it doesn't work like that. So you need to focus into one business, you need to focus into one opportunity. If you have a full time job, it's cool, like you don't have to quit your job, but only do one network marketing business. I've never seen somebody succeeding in five network marketing companies at the same time. Usually, when you hear about somebody making 50,000 a month, 100,000 a month in network marketing, they do one business.

They’re not in five companies. So you're going to need to focus and also, you're going to need to focus in terms of your time management. So I know you have a full time job, I know you have kids, I know you have a wife or a husband, I know you go to church, I know you have all of these activities that you do, so you'll need to focus as much of your time as you can for this business because if you want this business to grow and give you good income, then you’ll need to focus some time on this.

Finally, is going to take some mental toughness. You’re going to have to persevere because guess what, there's going to be challenges, there's going to be difficulties, there will be people who are close to you, who you thought for sure they will join my business, who will laugh at you, who will ridicule you, who will not join you, won’t support you, there will be really good people who you thought surely this person will join and they won’t.

So I have to prepare you for that. Are you mentally tough? Are you resilient? Do you have a skin that is thick enough to go through this? Why you want to give up on me the first time the catalog comes in wrinkled? Or the first time you know they miss a product in your order? Or the first time somebody decides to leave your team or whatever? Or are you going to persevere through these challenges? What do you think? I will persevere, I will do it. What you’re doing with this conversation is setting proper expectations. By the end of this conversation, the person understands what to expect. They have realistic expectations and now you've given them what we like to call vaccination. When you get a vaccination, the point of it is to give you a small dose of the disease, so that when you get exposed to the real thing, you don't get sick.

So same here, if you don't give them the vaccination, if you don't tell them, “Hey, it's going to take time, it's going to take work, there's going to be challenges and problems.” If you don't give them that vaccination, then when those things happen, they quit. They don't make money in the first three weeks, they go, “Ah, that's it, I give up.” They go home and the husband or the wife goes, “Ah, you're an idiot, this is never going to work.” They quit. So unless you prepare them for that, then they’re not going to stay in the business, they’re not going to be resilient, but if you do have this conversation, it'll toughen them up, it'll make them stronger. That’s my tip and my training.

That’s my training and tip for you. Hope you got value some value in this blog post, if you did, feel free to share it with other people. If you would like more amazing trainings check out “Network Marketing Success Training” group There are 10 amazing lessons in this training course that will help you get the breakthrough in your business!

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